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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001
From: Tom Palidar
Subject: Raindrop/2001....commentary.

To those of you who were unable to attend this event....YOU MISSED ONE HECK
OF A BRISK DRIVE thru Yelm on your way to Lake Lawrence, Vail, & Rainier.
Oh baby. And then we were sent off to find the Centralia powerplant...oh
my. And the road got even more interesting.

But having said all that, the finest aspect of this event was the clever
way that the rallymaster, Mark Nolte, worked in the control factor of the
event name...RAINDROP. Yup folks...there was plenty of them darn things
falling & coating the path at the most inappropriate time to make the
driving experience even more challenging. Can you say understeer? Big
understeer? Did I mention huge patches of tar used to repair frost heaves
& cracks in the road....all at a brisk portion of the route? Hmmm, this
Nolte guy has a devious streak I was not aware of until now.

Anyhow, if you missed it....you missed a real fun event. And if you want
more of this type of event but on lots of gravel...sign up for No Alibi
quickly. It is on June 2nd & 3rd. And I am confident it will be as much
fun as last year & even more so...get to the Rainier Auto Sport Club web
page for more info & preregistration. Peace.



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