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Wade Pennington and Page Palmer lost a tire on the Discovery on Saturday…Tire shop told Wade “it was a biiiig hole”.  May have cost them 1st SOP as they finished only 8 back of Vasco. 

Rebecca Rocks and Dennis Gunn were losing coolant as fast as they could pour it in on Saturday.  Towed the Sonett to get repairs.  A freeze plug was to blame.  No problems on Sunday.

Guy and David Recordon had battery and cooling problems on another of the Sonetts, but a push start at “X” and a jug of coolant after Soap Lake kept them going, albeit 6 minutes down, but only 30 late on the Rock, and zeroed the last control.

Steve Richards and Gary Reid (combined rally years off the chart) were the target of a suicidal deer.  Steve’s new Subie Wagon lost the left headlight and the battery; seems the deer pushed the headlight hard enough to crack open the battery.   Hmmm?..  Skid plate in front of new Subie batteries?

Sasha Horst and Nicole Nuber had the Subie Loyale Wagon cookin’ both days and Nicole has some interesting additions to the route book for Sunday.  The “caution, exposures for 1.1 miles” at Hole-in-the-Ground now has an addendum:  “Near Death Experience”

Bob and Michael Chandler, in Michael’s Mazda MX6 managed to catch a sharp rock just right on Sunday (after Bob’s Saturday Night Live comments about things that go wrong).  The Alfa probe was in the midst of being spliced last time I saw it.  A later coolant problem stopped their rally at the Trinidad Tunnel.

We noticed fresh skid marks off a narrow corner Sunday.  Rumor has it car #1 came in a little hot and only “superior driving skills” kept the fiberglass side up, but they probably zeroed the control.

Lee Sorenson’s new sending unit location on the driveline failed in the first gravel…the prop shaft moves around more than expected.  The magnet rubbed off.  With no input the Elite thought he’d stopped.  The driver’s display showed later and later.  Lee had gained quite a bit before Rod switched over to the axle mounted probe.

Sunday’s visit to Summer Falls brought at least one couple a little closer to nature than they wanted.  With the restrooms locked, creative alternatives brought these rallyists up close and personal with a rattler…

The Integra picked up a few more rattles too.  According to Eric, somewhere on Telford is a bright shiny exhaust tip.  Matches the one on my car perfectly.

Kirk has a story to tell about a “missing sign”

Steve likewise has a story about “Law enforcement”

And I have to point out an often-heard comment about the end of Odo Sections.  Ending the Odo at the railroad crossing caused some people to park, minutes before their out-time, on the right of way, blocking not only rally cars with earlier times, but blocking local traffic and backing cars up to the exit stop sign.  We recognized the problem, used the STOP at the end of the ramp for our calculations and tried to stay out of the way.  Others had done the same, turned left under 90 and parked on the shoulder out of the way.  Please, everyone, reconsider the RXR stop sign next time, as the crossing is in a no passing zone.  I suppose logic would dictate “zero-ing at the RXR” then crossing to find a safe spot.  Sometimes logic has a lapse…   

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