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To: Oregon Rally List
From: Paul Eklund
Subject: No Alibi's

Well, just got back from a fun weekend running the No Alibi rally in Eastern Washington (Snoqualmie to near Spokane and back...)

Great rally, really terrific gravel roads, excellent rally notebook, nice give-aways, and nice organizers (Kirk and Terri Simons)!

36 teams were entered, with a great showing of classic Saabs and of course near 50% of the entry field were Subarus of various types and ages.

The Primitive TSD team of Paul Eklund and Kala Rounds did O.K. in the mighty white 2.5 TS RallyWagon (shod with Silverstones), but managed a few dumb math errors on DIYC (Do Yourself in Checkpoints) and some computer issues to finish day one with 94 points and about 13th overall. Egads, several of those Sonnets were ahead of us...

After figuring out how to reprogram the temperamental Alfa Elite Rally Computer on the fly, the team posted the 3rd best results for day 2 (only 19
points) and were much happier.


Getting behind. Why? because then you had to make up a bit of time on PERFECT gravel roads....

Watercrossings. Cool! Better than STPR. One was unexpected and only
SWEEP got stuck...

Saturday Dinner and presentation of Rally Lore by Gary Reid and Steve Richards. Made for a terrific evening.

the Scenery. Great views, Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia, etc

Check it all out with 100's of action Photos and RESULTS soon at:



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