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Updated 7/9/2007

No Alibi Rally 2007


This eighth annual No Alibi rally is conducted by Rainier Auto Sports Club following a tradition established by Rainier over 40 years ago. At the core, that tradition dictates a long-distance tour, lightly traveled scenic backroads, a social gathering of friendly people and a challenge of precision driving and navigational skill.

No Alibi is a two-day, 540 mile tour of Eastern Washington incorporating timed sections and touring sections. The 2007 event attempts to improve on the 2006 route by adding many new roads and reusing some old favorites. It begins and ends in Wenatchee, Washington and will overnight in Colville, Washington. The course will use all types of roads from highways to gravel to dusty farm roads, however No Alibi roads are selected for their character and are not of the car-breaking variety. No Alibi typically enjoys beautiful early-summer weather and presents a peek at the green and growing season.

If the roads aren't enough to satisfy you, we will be providing lunch on Saturday with the aim to keep even the hugriest among you happy. Following tradition (or habit) Saturday night will feature our usual social gathering including a buffet dinner and rally-centric entertainment. The buffet dinner and entertainment, as well as Saturday lunch are included in your entry fee. Our event is intended to challenge the experienced competitor but is completely suitable for novice or lightly seasoned entrants.


Date: June 2-3, 2006

Rallymaster: Eric Horst

Thanks to our Volunteers:

Thanks to our Hosts:


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Final Results:

Car #CompetitorsClassSaturdaySundayTotalO/ATieby ClassTie
1Satch Carlson / Russ KraushaarUNL13122511
2Esko Mannisto / Tom HemenwayUNL16132922
3Lee Sorenson / Rod SorensonUNL18153333
5Pat Biggar / Jack HeppesUNL21163744
12Michael Daily / Steve PfauUNL2513385T5T
11Jason Webster / Brandon HarerUNL2117386T6T
6Ron Sorem / Max VaysburdUNL23194277
13Steve Richards / Gary ReidEQU25184381
21Johdi Masterman / April SmithUNL33225598
10Dan Comden / Hans AdomeitUNL312758109
20Don Gibson / Mike WorkmanEQU7437111112
8Steve R. Perret / Kathryn S. HansenEQU8731118123
14Greg Woodbridge / Bill JoyUNL160412011310
4Harold Dittman / Susan EverettSOP13774211141
7Marinus Damm / Renee DammEQU16548213154
27Jason Stokes / Vanessa StokesEQU24955304165
19Walt Wendolowski / Zoe WendolowskiEQU22784311176
24Vasco dePinna / Pam VoSOP239108347182
9Derek Mitchell / Mathew BruckerSOP266103369193
28Erik Lyden / Brian StolikerNOV374111485201
17David Fox / Simon FoxNOV423141564212
26Daniel Wei / Bonnie LeungSOP407162569224
25Paul Pagac / Casey LoudinSOP502156658235
16William McRae / Dave HarmsVIN440230670241
23Pam Rorvig / Mike RorvigNOV570160730253
18Anatoliy Palanchuk / Vadic PalanciucNOV542291833264
22John Meckler / Mike NasonNOV35423313873275
15Richard Rapalyea / Judith S. Holt-RapalyeaNOV7523DNFDNF286

Detailed Scores

Saturday Scores (PDF)
Sunday Scores (PDF)

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Pacific Coast Challenge International Rally Series: No Alibi 2007 is proud to serve as round 2 of the PCC series this year. Your participation and finish position in No Alibi earns points in the series. We encourage you to contest all PCC events. Complete Information on the series is available at the Pacific Coast Challenge Website.