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Updated 05/11/2009

Raindrop Rally 2009

Dewatto Bay by Michael D. Martin

This year's Raindrop will depart from Gig Harbor, Washington and will take you along some of the Olympic Peninsula's finest shorelines, into some of the lowland mountains and back to Gig Harbor for the finish. It will entertain the Navigator and challenge the driver, or vice versa. This all-paved rally has so many twists and turns to it, you'll think you're driving on the spine of a snake. The rally is approximately 160 miles in length. Rain or shine, you'll see many roads you've never seen before and leave you wanting to come back to this area for more. This will be a touring-style event and novices are encouraged to attend. There are no intentional traps but it should be a great opportunity to test your skills.

Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Start Location: Gig Harbor, Washington.

Finish Location: Round Table Pizza, Gig Harbor.

Rallymaster: Mark Weber

Words From the Rallymaster:

Writing a rally, whether it's a Friday Nighter or a Monte Carlo starts out as a labor of love but by the final week, grows to be a love/hate relationship. Is this Alpine correct? The time calculations; which are being double and triple checked, and you're told "You got the wrong formula in that cell!!??". And a thousand other little details that crop up make you want to tear your hair out. But then, when Sunday arrives and you stand up in front of the rallyist that came, all of that goes away.

After the rally, standing in Roundtable waiting for the first to arrive, in walk two men I admire greatly for their rally and Rallymaster skills. Both have big smiles on their faces and in unison say "Awesome rally!". Later, walking around to the tables and chatting with everyone else, finding that every one enjoyed the rally and had a good time makes all the hard work worth it.

But the Rallymaster is just the one who gets to stand up front and hand out the trophies. There is a whole team of people who, behind the scenes, worked hard to make Raindrop a success and I want to take this opportunity to thank them.

Dan Comden - Thank you for proofreading, several times, the route book and for your wonderful Novice Talk and for sweeping up the route. Marvin Crippen - Thanks for double and triple checking the time calcs and handling the scoring and the associated issues. You handled that with poise and grace. Steve Richards, Ron Sorem, Jim Hogan and Mark Nolte. - Thanks for working the course, keeping your calm under pressure and really putting forth the effort necessary to make sure all the checkpoints got covered. Thanks, guys. YOU were awesome! Eric Horst and Steve Mats Mats. - Thanks for giving me the opportunity; for working registration and then the course; the pep talks as necessary, but mostly for your big, reassuring smiles during the events of the day. They meant a lot.

And, most of all to everyone who attended Raindrop. Thank you. At the end of the day, your handshakes, words of thanks and your smiles made all the work worth it.


Overall Results

Car # Competitors Class Total O/A by Class
1Pat Biggar & Jack HeppesUNL1111
29Kevin Poirier & Ben BradleyUNL1222
35Steve Case & Kewith UddenbergUNL1433
7Marinus Damm & Renee DammUNL1744
9Steve R. Perret & Kathryn S. HansenUNL3655
36Sean Tennis & Amity TrowbridgeSOP4561
27Conrad Berg & Bill PetersonUNL6576
10Valerie Bowie & Aidan WestUNL9087
8Scott Margerum & Jeff DelongSOP9192
19Glenn Wallace & Jenne PierceEQU102101
21Benjamin Thompson & Eric HobbsEQU124112
16Don Gibson & Mike WorkmanUNL138128
3Scott Miller & Karina MillerSOP141133
17Terry Nickels & Arlene NickelsSOP201144
14Vasco dePinna & Ben MilesSOP230155
20John Humphrey & Derris HumphreySOP231166
33Janine Galindo & Candy GalindoNOV290171
4Mike Daily & Tom PalidarEQU310183
28Dave Pierce & Daphne SmithNOV314192
5Dave Sacry & Kathy SacryEQU326204
38Mark Russel & Jennifer GerayNOV372213
26Ben Burrows & Natalie SrichannonNOV395224
30Justin Cage & Reba AndrewsNOV406235
37Bo Grovley & Matt southardNOV409246
2Chris Ringhofer & Joel McLaughlinEQU477255
25Penny Andrews & Steven AndrewsNOV537267
11Evan Keck & Chad KeckNOV619278
18Owen Huffington & Chuck HuffingtonSOP628287
34Craig Richmond & Marie RichmondNOV630299
13Chris Kobayashi & Andy BokanevNOV7043010
15Dan Morley & Joe GillespieVNT740311
12Joshua Adair & Kenny RevelNOV7523211
32Anatoliy Palanchuk & Vadic PalanciucNOV8293312
23Forrest Tyree & Darcy JanzenNOV15173413
22Mike Kimball & Normandy ParkNOV24533514
31Johnny L Hoover & Andrew CarpenterNOV26873615
24Lo Saechao & Joanne HernandezNOV27003716

Overall results sorted by class are also available..

Detailed Results

You can view the detail results as an HTML table or download the PDF.