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Raindrop Rally 2010

The rally is a leisurely paced TSD Touring or Monte Carlo style event suitable for any street legal 4-wheeled vehicle. It is 4½ hours and less than 130 miles in length. Some fine driving roads with minimum traffic add up to a pleasant Sunday drive. The rally is geared toward the novice entrant with no intended traps, but precise timekeeping will be required to score well. All roads are paved. There will be a few opportunities to take a short break but there is no assigned lunch. Sorry, but we must limit the entry to 35 cars.

Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010.

Start and Finish Location: : Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub, 122 - 128th St. SE, Everett, WA. Take I-5 exit 186 (128th St.) in south Everett. O'Donnell's is 300 yards east, just past the 76 Station. We will be meeting in the large parking area at the rear of the building. O'Donnell's opens for breakfast at 7:00 AM if you so desire. We finish here as well. See their web site ( for the menu so you can plan your after-rally repast.

Rallymaster: Steve Richards

Comments from the Rallymaster

Once again, I want to thank all the workers who make an event like this possible. Special thanks goes to Stephen Mats Mats who did double duty as registration and control work and to Marvin Crippen for scoring as well as working controls. Six of the workers listed also ran the checkout two weeks ago.

I think the rally went about as well as possible. It is difficult to predict what kind of obstacles you will encounter on a Sunday afternoon; bicycles, trucks and trailers, campers, police (?) and for those of you that were held up, I apologize. You should have been with me. I had a great time running pace, about 15 minutes ahead of first car, and ran into few hold-ups.

Since there were no traps (at least not designed) I think the best way to address the rally is to respond to some of the comments received on the rating forms (with some paraphrasing).

"Could have broken up the longer regularities (to make more) than four regularities"
That was certainly on my mind when I designed the route. The problem I had in doing this was that there were really only the three suitable break areas (Snohomish, Granite Falls and Monroe). I had thought of putting in a transit in some of the places I had Free Zones, but there still wouldn't have been a suitable place to end the transit. Put the long regularities on snow and you have a Canadian rally.

"Missing turn (instruction) at section 8, NRI #10, Left on 152nd"
Actually the turn to which they refer was shortly after #10, and was a forced turn by the road ahead being marked Dead End.

"More time for breaks....were late due to time declarations and had little or no break"
I apologize for that and didn't really think about the possible effect time decs. would have on the break. I tried to keep the rally under 4-1/2 hours and still have some interesting driving roads. Therefore I tried to keep the breaks to a minimum.

"More freeway / higher speed sections, lunch break for meet and greet"
I'm not sure how to answer that. I suppose we could have driven north on I-5 to Mount Vernon, had a two-hour lunch, and driven back, but that doesn't seem like much of a rally. I apologized at the drivers meeting for the 35mph speed limits but slow speed limits, unfortunately, often go with the more interesting driving roads.

"Very poor to have a free zone without a time mark at the end"
My checkout crew gave me some lip about having any "time marks" at all. It is not normal for perfect times to be given in the middle of regularities, but because the Raindrop Rally is intended more for a novice audience, I thought it appropriate to include a few timing helps.

"My navigator is old"
So was your Rallymaster.

On behalf of Rainier Auto Sports Club, I want to thank you all for running the Raindrop Rally and we were especially pleased to see so many new faces. Also a big thanks to Shawn O'Donnell's for providing the start and finish location. I think they did a great job.

Steve Richards

Thanks to our Volunteers:

Overall Results

Car # Competitors Class Total O/A by Class
* = tie broken by number of 0's, number of 1's, etc
2Marinus Damm & Hans AdomeitUNL81*1*
3Michael Daily & Tom PalidarUNL82*2*
24Steve Case & Keith UddenbergUNL933
20Tom Kreger & Cynthia BushellUNL1344
1Pat Biggar & Jack HeppesUNL1955
11Donald Gibson & Mike WorkmanUNL6166
18Samuel Robinson & Pam RobinsonSOP10271
23Trish Postma & Phil BroussardNOV12681
17Scott Margerum & Jeff DelongSOP12892
9Joel McLaughlin & Chris RinghoferEQU150101
7Bill Peterson & Carol PetersenNOV209112
10John Humphrey & Derris HumphreySOP221123
27Oliver Andrews & John IsenburgNOV222133
5Dave Sacry & Kathy SacryEQU259142
14Alex Crocker & Laura KersbergenNOV265154
15Dave Monahan & Vasco dePinnaSOP330164
21Sam Roberts & Benny ButterfieldNOV340175
19Tate Mathews & Tom MatthewsSOP373185
12Kevin Wang & Jerry LeeNOV386196
6Robin Turner & Cindy TurnerEQU398203
25Tim Matthews & Rob McKeeverNOV427217
29Norm Griswold & Ryan DawsonNOV62622*8*
16Nathan Kincaid & Jessica KincaidNOV62623*9*
22Jenne Medcroft & Kim KaliberNOV6622410
8James Ryan & Pattie GrohlNOV7662511
30Jerry Hines & Cameron HinesSOP787266
28Mackay Cadell & Bennet KielbonNOV9142712

Overall results sorted by class are also available..

Detailed Results

Detailed Results (PDF).