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Raindrop Rally 2011

The 2011 Raindrop Rally will depart from Centrailia, Washington and will take you through the beautiful back roads of central Western Washington. The rally is a brisk touring-style event, approximately 175 miles in length and runs rain or shine. We have found enjoyable high-quality roads which provide higher average speeds than previous years. There are no intentional traps and novices are encouraged to attend. It should be a great opportunity to test your skills, entertaining the navigator while challenging the driver. All roads are paved with the exception of a few short sections (less than one mile) of exceptionally smooth gravel road. Raindrop 2011 will give you the opportunity to visit some unique and out of the way locations. You'll see many roads you've never seen before and leave you wanting to come back to this area for more.

Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Rally Master: Robert Gobright, 206-818-2190.

Start Location: : Starbucks, 1161 Harrison Avenue Centralia, WA.  Exit 82 from I-5, about an eighth of a mile west on Harrison Avenue.  Registration will be in the parking lot in front of the Starbucks.

Finish Location: Papa Pete's Pizza, Castle Rock, Washington.

Scoring Error

Raindrop 2011 was faced with several malfunctions during the scoring process. An inadvertently hidden checkpoint column in the scoring spreadsheet complicated the counting process. This resulted in the erroneous belief that the 10 point tie, was unbreakable by the de facto RASC standard (counting zeros, counting ones, etc). The coin toss was chosen as the solution.

Secondly, the printer failed, preventing a hard copy of the detailed results, which surely would have shown the control and the difference in most zeroes.

Rainier Auto Sports Club has labored over this for several days and feel the only just decision is to amend the final results. The parties involved in the tie have been contacted, apologies presented, and RASC expresses apologies to all entrants for the delay in Final Results.

Special apologies to April & Marcus, and Dan & Renee.

As a long-time rallyist pointed out, this is a "deposit in the bank of knowledge"—quite likely there will not be another rally presented without a defined tie-breaker procedure, beyond the RASC tradition of most zeroes, then ones, etc.

The Overall Results below have been amended to reflect accurate results.

Overall Results

Car # Competitors Class Total O/A Tie (overall) by Class Tie (by class)
* = tie broken by number of 0's, number of 1's, etc.
1Dan Comden / Renee DammUnlimited101*T1*T
26April Song / Marcus SongUnlimited102*T2*T
2Pat Biggar / Jack HeppesUnlimited1533
8Donald D. Gibson / Mike WorkmanUnlimited1944
28Curt Thompson / Sean BuckleyUnlimited2855
21Sue Colisch / Bill ColischEquipped7061
3Michael Daily / Tom PalidarUnlimited8176
12Monte Saager / Victoria SaagerUnlimited9687
37Larry LeFebvre / Reid TrummelEquipped1329T2*T
31Teresa Davenport / Yulia SmolyanskyEquipped1329T3*T
14Joel McLaughlin / Chris RinghoferSeat-Of-Pants188111
7 Scott Margerum / Jeff DelongSeat-Of-Pants190122
6Brandon Harer / Jason WebsterSeat-Of-Pants23513T3T
32Steve Greer / Kathy GreerSeat-Of-Pants23513T3T
10Dave Sacry / Kathy SacryEquipped23513T4
13John Powers / Chrissy LewisNovice303161
20Larry Anson / Annette AnsonSeat-Of-Pants434175
35Derek Mitchell / Mark MitchellSeat-Of-Pants452186
22Richard Kasten / Jim CulpSeat-Of-Pants472197
19tom kreger / cynthia bushellUnlimited512208
34Thomas Lindmark / Michael HammondNovice522212
16Vasco dePinna / Ben MilesSeat-Of-Pants676238
23Charles Johnson / Armondo R GalavizNovice788244
29Sheldon Coles / Kim DinesenEquipped844255
5Scott Bolin / John NeumannSeat-Of-Pants908269
25Matt Gelder / Randy StilesNovice960275
36Jeremy Stewart / Holly StewartSeat-Of-Pants9712810
11Terry Nickels / Arlene NickelsSeat-Of-Pants15452911
27Ian Banbury / Kay BanburyNovice2099306

Detailed Results

Thanks to our Volunteers: