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Raindrop Rally 2012

As April draws near you may be wondering when details of our venerable spring rally, Raindrop, will be posted. It is with great difficulty that we must announce that Raindrop must take a hiatus this year and will not be held April 15, 2012.

Rainier Auto Sports Club takes great pride in organizing quality events and feels a sense of duty in maintaining a regular schedule of events year in and year out. Raindrop has been our season opener since 1984 and it is painful to have to put it on hold for a year. Despite having invested in laying out a quality route on some refreshingly enjoyable roads we have run out of human resources. The demands of a new job have taken our rallymaster and the demands of organizing No Alibi, our flagship gravel rally, in the early summer and the 45th anniversary running of the classic Nor'wester rally in late summer is taxing our usually optimistic, can-do membership. We hope that you will consider running one of those fine events this year and keep a spot in your calendar open for Raindrop in 2013.

Marvin Crippen
President, Rainier Auto Sports Club