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Updated 05/12/2013

No Alibi 2013

Supplemental General Instructions

No Alibi 2013 uses the Rainier Auto Sports Club Touring General Instructions. These supplemental general instructions will serve to modify, amend, or clarify the General Instructions and can and will be amended at any time up to the time the start order is published on the Rainier Auto Sports Club web site. Any questions regarding the general instructions or supplemental general instructions should be directed to the rallymaster.

  1. Classes are exactly as stated in the RASC General Instructions, Section D with the following amendments:

    • There is no Vintage class
    • Preprinted timetables and/or calculating tables will only be allowed in the Unlimited and Equipped classes.
  2. There will be no technical inspection prior to the event. All entrants are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle they are driving is licensed, insured and otherwise meets all Washington state laws and regulations.
  3. "Comes quickly" arrows: In the route instructions, arrows will be used vertically between instructions that are less than 20 seconds apart. This is for your convenience.
  4. MTC: A Main Time Control will be at locations indicated in the route book. You must check in at or before your arrival time as stated in the route book (car zero time plus your car number in minutes). We need to know you arrived safely. A 100 point penalty will be assessed for failing to check in at MTC. You must turn in any Time Allowance Requests at the next MTC that occurs in the routebook in order for them to be considered.
  5. Time Allowance (TA) Requests:

    To encourage safe and legal driving in the face of unforeseen circumstances, each team may use up to six (6) Time Allowance Requests total for the rally, with a maximum of nine minutes and thirty seconds per allowance (not cumulative - 9:30 is the maximum amount). Time Allowance Request forms are provided in the route book and must contain the following information: Car number, section, mileage and amount of time requested. A Time Allowance request must be one of the following ten (10) choices (in minutes:seconds): 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30. No other times will be granted except at the discretion of the rallymaster, and there must be a compelling written reason, including similar TAs submitted by other cars, in order to have a Time Allowance greater than 9:30 accepted. Thirty-second increments help to ensure that you do not drive on the same even minute as a fellow competitor; see below in the event that more than one car is on the same half-minute.

    Time Allowances will be applied only to the TSD Section in which the Time Allowance Request was submitted. For example, a Time Allowance submitted for lateness in TSD Section #2 shall only apply to that section and will not be carried over into subsequent sections. Competitors are encouraged to make up lost time using slack time in subsequent Transit (TRN) sections.  If lost time cannot be made up before the next TSD section and you start the TSD late, you must submit another Time Allowance Request for that section.

    In the event that two or more cars find themselves on the same minute due to use of a Time Allowance, the car with the lower number will have priority and the higher numbered car(s) must choose a different Time Allowance amount.

    Incomplete or illegible requests will not be honored. Time Allowance requests must be submitted when you arrive at each MTC throughout the day.

  6. Tied Scores: In the event of tied scores for trophy positions, the following approaches will be used in the listed order to break ties: Total number of zeros (greatest number of zeros wins), the sum of squared checkpoint scores (smallest sum wins), and then least number of Time Allowances used. If the previous three approaches still do not resolve a tied score, then a coin flip, called by the lower car number, will prevail.
  7. Measurement: Measurement was performed in a Saab 900, using a sensor on the left rear (undriven) wheel. Measuring device was a Timewise 798A rally computer. Michelin all season tires were set to 32 psi cold.
  8. Calculations: All measurements were taken in thousandths of a mile and then rounded to hundredths. All routebook mileages and checkpoint timing calculations are based on these hundredths. Time calculations are carried through each section with at least four decimal places but truncated to whole seconds for checkpoints and key times.