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Raindrop Rally 2018

picture of Whidbey Island across a bridge.

Raindrop Rally 2018 is a leisurely paced touring TSD event with fine driving roads, minimum traffic, and wonderful scenery. The rally is geared toward the novice entrant with no traps, and mileages for every instruction, but precise timekeeping will still be required to score well. Awards will be given for the following classes: Unlimited, Equipped, SOP, Novice, and Vintage. The rally will start at 10:30am and last 4-5 hours. It is approximately 145 miles long on all-paved roads suitable for any automobile.

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Start Location: Mobil Station, 1 S Main St, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Finish Location: The Farmhouse Restaurant, 13724 Laconner Whitney Road, Mt Vernon WA 98273. See below for dining information.

Rallymaster: Dolores & Richard Ranhofer


Overall Results

Car # Competitors Class Total O/A by Class
*Tie between car 5 and 3 was broken by sum of squares.
1Charles Aggenbach & Mike DailyUNL911
2Ajay Doshi & Max VaysburdUNL2322
6Debbie Sjodin & Don GibsonUNL2933
4Maija Perala & Teresa DavenportUNL13744
41Jordan Keffer & Derek IhlerSOP20651
11Dave Monahan & Vasco dePinnaSOP20762
38Brian Reilly & Bowen AndersonNOV24371
25Amelia Breithaupt & John BartholomewVIN26281
16Bill Walsh & Jessica FleenorEQU29391
21Marvin Weaver & Scott WeaverSOP308103
8Larry Sheatsley & Bob ChandlerSOP316114
5Dave Sacry & Kathy SacrySOP31712*5*
3Curt Thompson & Rick ThompsonSOP31713*6*
42Steven George & Daniel MorsNOV343142
7Kevin Mullins & Denise M MullinsSOP394157
35Savannah Hoover & Kristi BergSOP398168
12Adam Cleese & Robin TurnerEQU435172
10Doug Breithaupt & Liz QuayleVIN463182
15Keith Lueneburg & Annie BraggEQU478193
18Eric Hobbs & Suzanne HobbsSOP494209
23Julia Syi & Jianing WangNOV515213
24Alexandra Vresilovic & David AlspaughSOP5162210
22Scott A Margerum & Michael WorkmanSOP5172311
9Gary Reid & Ed MillmanEQU531244
39Ari Bezona & CANDY GALINDOSOP5732512
31Chris Dirkes & Dave KeanNOV586264
30Trevor Grant & Lindsey GrantVIN698273
28Deanna L Isaacs & Robert K IsaacsNOV732285
20Alan Dorman & Tyler OsbornNOV775296
40Kenneth Lindsey & Michel LindseyNOV816307
29Pam Rorvig & Mike RorvigNOV835318
19Greg Ficker & Everett DeVliegSOP8623213
34Forrest Bourke & Kara MorganVIN886334
14John Hartley & Evelyn NovakNOV1133349
33Thomas O'Connell & Troy WoolmanNOV11343510
13Tracy Schwent & TBDEQU1510365
26Drew Shapiro & Taylor PesekNOV15293711
27Kainalu Salus & Sheri IkedaNOV15933812
17Alisa Rorvick & Mike RorvickNOV23733913

Detailed Results

Detailed CP Scores