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Raindrop Rally 2022

Whidbey Island Tour

(a May Day Matt's Day event)

Raindrop is a leisurely paced Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally with fine driving roads, minimum traffic, and wonderful scenery. The rally is geared toward the novice entrant with no traps, and with mileages for every instruction, but precise timing will still be required to score well. Entrants receive instructions with specific, clear directions at speeds at or below legal limits, with specific times to start each section at one-minute intervals. Raindrop is a "closed control" (passage control) format where cars do not stop at checkpoints. It's a pure touring rally, and equal penalty for passing a checkpoint (which may be hidden) early or late. Speeding is a sure way to lose as the goal is to pass at the correct second, and the car with least number of points wins. Precision timing is the main criteria, but Rainier also emphasizes remote areas and spectacular scenery.

Raindrop will start at Mount Vernon and last about 5-3/4 hours. It is approximately 147 miles long on all paved roads suitable for any automobile.

Date: May 1st, 2022.

Start Location: Mount Vernon, WA

Finish Location: Alfy's Pizza, Oak Harbor, WA.

Rallymaster: Jim Breazeale


Winner: Car #2 Charles Aggenbach and Michael Daily