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Updated 10/04/2023

Raindrop 2023

Supplemental General Instructions

For the 2023 Raindrop Rally, these Supplemental General Instructions will serve to modify, amend, or clarify the Rainier Auto Sports General Instructions for Touring Rallies and where a conflict may exist, they take precedence over the General Instructions. "Supps" can, and will, be amended at any time up to the start of the rally. Any questions regarding the general instructions of Supplemental General Instructions should be directed the Rallymaster.

  1. Classes are exactly as stated in the RASC General Instructions, Section D with the following amendments:

    • No Vintage class.
    • Preprinted timetables and/or calculating tables will only be allowed in the Unlimited and Equipped classes.
    • Basic GPS mapping (including street names & current speed) is allowed in all classes.
    • Advanced GPS applications such as Richta Rally Computer and Rabbit Rally fall in Unlimited class.
    • GPS TSD applications that require manual distance & time calculation may fall in Equipped class, please ask.
  2. There will be no technical inspection prior to the event. All entrants are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle they are driving is licensed, insured and otherwise meets all Washington state laws and regulations.
  3. "Comes quickly" arrows: In the route instructions, arrows will be used vertically between instructions that are less than 20 seconds apart. This is for your convenience.
  4. Signs in quotes within the route instructions indicate the mileage was taken at the sign.
  5. Time Allowance Requests: To encourage safe and legal driving in the face of unforeseen circumstances that cause delay you may submit a time allowance by pressing the TA+ button on the Richta app. The first press creates a 10-second time allowance, the second press 20-seconds, and third press a 30-second time allowance. Each additional press adds 1 minute to your time allowance up to a maximum of 9 minutes 30 seconds. To ensure you are not "on the same minute" as a fellow competitor, any Time Allowance must be one of the twelve (12) choices: 0:10, 0:20, 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30.

    A Time Allowance applies only to the TSD in which it was created. For example, a Time Allowance submitted for lateness in TSD #2 only applies to checkpoints from the point it was created to the end of TSD #2, and will be automatically reset at the time of day restart (CZT) for TSD #3. If lost time was not made up before TSD #3 and you start late, you must submit a new Time Allowance Request for that section.

    In the event two or more cars find themselves on the same minute due to Time Allowance use, the car with the lower number will have priority and the higher numbered car(s) must choose a different Time Allowance amount.

  6. Tied Scores: As TSD controls are timed to 0.1 seconds this is unlikely. In the event of tied scores for trophy positions, the following approaches will be used in the listed order to break ties: Total number of zeros (greatest number of zeros wins), the sum of squared checkpoint scores (smallest sum wins), and then least number of Time Allowances used. If the previous three approaches still do not resolve a tied score, then the earliest entry, as recorded on the RASC web site, will prevail.
  7. All speed changes associated with "SPEED LIMIT" will be done at the official Speed Limit sign and NOT at the Speed Limit Ahead (or Reduce Speed Ahead) sign, unless specifically noted in a route instruction.
    Correct sign for CAST
    black and white SPEED LIMIT 55 sign
    Incorrect sign for CAST
    black and white SPEED LIMIT 55 sign with ahead arrow on yellow diamond sign.
  8. Course Measurement: Measurement was performed in an front wheel drive car, sensors on both rear wheels, using a Timewise 798A.
  9. Calculations: All measurements were taken in thousandths of a mile. All routebook mileages and checkpoint timing calculations are based on these thousands. Time calculations are carried through each section with at least four decimal places.
  10. Legal speeds are indicated in gray text in TRN sections and are there for your reference. They are not to imply that there are timed sections or controls within a Transit.