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Raindrop Rally 2024

“Rally in the Valleys”

Raindrop Rally will start at the “big rock” in Duval, will be a leisurely paced Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally along some of the rivers and their valleys that make up the northeast corner of the Seattle area. There are some great driving roads that have views, twisty bits, and urban obstacles that are entertaining/challenging for the driver and navigator alike.

The rally will send the first car out at 9:30 am, and is approximately 120-150 miles and 4-5 hours. We will end in Stanwood for food, drinks and trophies for class winning driver/navigators.

The rally is novice friendly, with NO traps:

Raindrop is a “closed control” (passage control) format, where cars do not stop at checkpoints. Richta Rally will be used to monitor checkpoints. The goal is to pass each checkpoint at the correct second, with penalty points added for being late/early. The car with the least number of penalty points wins. Precision timing is the main criteria, but Rainier also emphasizes remote areas and scenery to provide some distraction.

Date: May 5, 2024

Start Location: Big Rock Park, 26410 NE 140th St, Duvall, WA 98019 (SW corner of Safeway parking lot)

First Car Out: 9:30 AM

Finish Location: Stanwood, WA (Restaurant TBD)

Rallymaster: Bill Walsh

Registrar: Eric Horst Contact Eric for questions about your registration or to make any changes after you register.

Entry Fee: $60 per prepaid auto entry, $15 for extra route book. No on-site registration.

Classes: Unlimited, Equipped, Seat-Of-Pants, and Novice. (See clarifications in Supplemental General Instructions)


Register Online

General Instructions: Raindrop will use the Rainier Auto Sports Club Touring General Instructions (PDF format) available in Rally Reference along with Supplemental General Instructions specific to this event. Please be familiar with the definitions of your selected class. Supplemental Instructions may change at any time until provisional start order is posted.

Scoring: Raindrop will utilize Richta GPS Checkpoints for scoring. In order to be scored you must use your own Android or IOS device and load the Richta Competitor app. For an overview see the NWRC Introduction to Richta Competitor App (PDF).

Car numbers will be assigned on May 2nd. The Richta Competitor event password will be e-mailed to all entrants on May 2nd. You will be able to set up your Richta Checkpoints app after you receive the event password.

Questions about Richta usage on this event can be directed to

The Competition: review the Entry List