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Long Winters Night, 1980

Date: February 9, 1980

Rallymaster: Jerry Hines

Start Location:  Interlake Porsche/Audi, Bellevue, WA

Finish Location: Holiday Inn, Everett, WA

Detailed Route:  Start at 7:30 PM, 300 mile route running all night and ending before daylight.

Other Info:

Event Trophy
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Long Winters Night Trophy "Won" by Mike McKamey

There are several stories surrounding this trophy.  We were DNF (we got lost) in my 1973 911E and were only one of two Porsches in the rally.  The other one baulked at driving about 1 mile on gravel and went home - since we lasted longer than he did we got the trophy.
Also my navigator (not Andy) got spooked by the speeds.  He kept reminding me of the "investment" I was driving.  We encountered fog and some bridge icing that night.  I remember crossing a bridge at a high rate of speed and the rear end of the 911 came out from under me. We began a slide perpendicular to the direction of travel, speedometer at zero.  My navigator grabbed me by the arm and screamed, "We're going to die."  I calmly told him to take his hand off my arm because when we hit the dry pavement on the other side of the bridge I was going to have to do some fancy work to keep us from dying.  He let go and I straightened the car out without incident.  He vowed to never ride in a rally again.




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