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Evergreen State 1000, 1992

Date: ???, 1992

Rallymaster: ???



Detailed Route:

Saturday. Everett Pacific Motel to Sauk River TSD, then Rockport and over North Cascades Hwy to Twisp (gas). Hwy 153 to Monse, over the ridge to Big Goose Lake and then Colville Indian Agency. Follow 155 toward Grand Coulee, but take Manilla Creek Rd. to Hwy 21, instead. North on Hwy 21, then TSD over Cache Creek Rd to Nespelem. 41 Mile transit to Okanogan for overnight at Cedars Inn.

Sunday. North from Okanogan to Tonasket, then TSD to Bonaparte Valley. The 34 Road becomes Chesaw, and a stop at Molson. Transit through Oroville to Similkameen River, which passes Nighthawk. We take the Toats Coulee hillclimb, and run the 39 road for 41.59 mi., ending outside Winthrop. TSD to Twisp on back roads, then back over North Cascades Highway to Skagit River TSD and finish in Mt. Vernon at Cascade Pizza.

Totals. Saturday: 10:00-18:17, 354 miles; Sunday: 7:30-17:18, 346 miles; 16 entrants.

Other Info:



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