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Evergreen State 1000, 1995

Date: September 16-17, 1995

Rallymaster: Mark Nolte



Detailed Route:

Saturday. Start at Columbia Dunes in Richland, and Odo to Snake River at Charbonneau Park. Another Transit to Touchet Rd., then TSD to Valley Grove. Transit through Waitsburg and Dayton (Gas). A gravel TSD to meet Mountain Road, then monte to the lookout. The 41 Rd. TSD ended near Asotin, but rally headed up a sweeping hillclimb to Cloverland, and on to the Wenatchee Lookout. Then down to Troy, Oregon on a cranky little road. The Grande Ronde River TSD. The hillclimb up to Montgomery Ridge Rd (near Anatone). Then the 19 mile TSD to the Snake River. Transit 18 miles to Clarkston Quality Inn. Dinner, then RI's to see the old Lewiston Grade (few takers).

Sunday. Transit along the Snake River to Chief Timothy Park, followed with a paved TSD over the flowing ridges formerly called SR 128 (16.73 miles). Followed by 13 mile Peoh Monte, more of SR 128, only gravel. Meet the Mountain Road and TSD to Pomeroy. View Pomeroy, then short transit to Hwy 126, a gravel shortcut closed to long vehicles. Gas at Dayton and start next TSD at Waitsburg. TSD to Starbuck. Rallyists take sidetrip to Palouse Falls while CP crews catch up. Last TSD: Lyons Ferry to Monument Dam on farm roads, finest pavement, and the rest of the road surfaces available in the area. (32 mi.) Rallyists, now off the clock, stopped at Monument Dam and looked, then drove to Kahlotus, and finally to Othello's Pizza Factory.

Totals: Saturday: 279 miles; Sunday: 211 miles; 16 entrants

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