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Evergreen State 1000, 1996

Date: September 14/15, 1996

Rallymaster: Mark Nolte


Roundtrip from/to Moses Lake, Washington via Colville (way up in the
Northeast corner of the state). 535 total miles, 177 miles TSD, the rest were
Transits and RTZ (Rally Transit Zones). Besides suitable roads, the rallyists
got a guided tour of Gardner Cave (stalagmites and stalactites), a look at
Boundary Dam, miles and miles and miles of wheat fields, and a look at the old
Larson Air Force base outside Moses Lake.

The post-rally critiques complained bitterly about the 8:30 am start time,
locals blocking their speedy progress, the rain, and a few bad mileage
references. The later didn't result in throwing any checkpoints; 42 were
scored. The critiques also praised having rain "spice up" the roads, the lack
of traffic, the miles and miles and miles of wheat fields, and the profusion
of good references. The "Stop-and-Look" aspect was also praised, rather than
the usual "Blast Past".

After all that road work, they had a good banquet on Saturday night.

Odometers were "free", 3 classes based on calculating method.

There were no "incidents" during the rally, although worker Rod Johnson
tested his Subaru's fender against a guardrail, rather than a local backing
into the street. There were no Novice entrants.


Finish Vehicle Team Class Score Place
1 Celica Al-Trac John Nispel / Ed Storer UNL 20 1
2 Subaru John Fouse / Dennis Wende UNL 28 2
3 BMW Peter Linde / Satch Carlson UNL 38 3
4 Audi Quattro Steve Richards / Gary Reid CAL 45 1
5 Acura Michael Daily / Stave Pfau SOP 105 1
6 Subaru  Vasco DePinna / Dave Monahan SOP 172 2
7 Thunderbird John Kisela / Dave Jensen  UNL 181 4
8 VW GTI Dale Muzzuco / Teresa Muzzuco CAL 193 2
9 Scirroco Tom & Brian Palidar  SOP 455 3

Detailed Route:

Saturday. Start at Interstate Inn in Moses Lake, Transit to exit 215 on I-90, then Odo to Griffith. TSD to Harrington, then multiple transits to Long Lake. Corkscrew Canyon/Happy Hill TSD, then on to Chewelah (Gas). Flowery Trail paved was RTZ, then TSD 14 miles of gravel to Usk. Cross Pend Oreille River and TSD north on riverside road to Ione. Transits to Gardner Cave Tour, Boundary Dam, and Metaline Falls. TSD past Lake Sullivan. 45+ mi. transit to Colville (Benny's Colville Inn). Dinner at Woody's American Grill.

Sunday. Transit to Old Fort Colville monument. The East Rally Valley TSD ended at Hwy 395, just south of Colville. Short transit, then Rally Valley South TSD to Cedonia. Transit on Hwy 25 to Fruitland, then TSD past Mudgett Lake through Spokane Indian Reservation. Transit on Hwy 25 includes long stop at Fort Spokane. North Wilbur Suburbs TSD is open wheat fields to Wilbur. Long, dull transit through wheat fields to Marlin Draw TSD. Transit on Hwy 28, then Stratford Rd to old Larson Air Force Base. Last transit to finish, Bob's Cafe in Moses Lake.

Totals.  Saturday: 321 miles;  Sunday: 214 miles; 9 entrants.

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