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Evergreen State 1000, 1998

Date: September 19/20, 1998

Rallymaster: Mark Nolte


The eleven teams participating in the 2-day, 400 mile event. All had a good time, there were no problems. The no-trap TSD event was 37% TSD sections ( the rest Transit), and about the same percentage unpaved / paved roads.

Starting in East Wenatchee, the rallyists made their way  on everything from wide open pavement between wheat fields to somewhat treacherous tracks in forests, to arrive at the overnight break at Okanogan, roughly 100 miles from the Canadian border. A dinner (included in the entry fee) went very well with some good stories. Sunday returned to Wenatchee for 170 miles, very much the same character of roads as Saturday. A too-short visit at the U S Electrodynamics radio / fibre optic communications (Brewster, WA) site broke up the otherwise straight- forward TSD rally.

The checkpoints were all of the "passage-type", all within the TSD sections. 20 were scored on Saturday, 14 on Sunday.

Rallymaster Mark Nolte was extremely thankful that there were no incidents. The rallyists were generally well behaved;  the few "locals" who encountered the rallyists were bemused at the concept of traveling the remote backroads.


Team Vehicle Class Saturday Sunday Total
Muzzuco/Muzzucco VW GTI EQ 62 93 155
Cain/Cain Toyota 4Runner EQ 293 83 376
Dillon/Henne Audi Quattro Coupe/ NOV 291 195 486
Hillman/Ogawa VW Fox Wagon NOV 370 173 543
Pfau / Daily Acura Integra SOP 50 24 74
DePinna  /  Palidar Subaru Legacy wagon SOP 188 177 365
Tabor/Tabor Mazda 323 GTX SOP 523 184 707
Shelton / Wolf/ Audi Quattro Coupe/ SOP 552 328 880
Zink/Portal/ Subaru Loyale SOP 1968 272 2240
Sjodin/ Dull/ Ford Probe/  UNL 14 15 29
Nispel/ McDonald Celica All-trac UNL 180 33 213

Detailed Route:

Saturday. Start at the Cedars Inn in East Wenatchee. End Odo check on top of Badger Mtn. TSD to Waterville, then transit north from town to Browns Canyon and Brays Rd, along the Columbia River. Transit on Hwy 97 until the Chelan Bridge, where we went up McNeil “hillclimb” and started a TSD in the middle of wheat fields. This took us to Brewster, for gas, then south to Indian Dan Canyon. This was a “new” TSD section of 14 miles, all gravel. The delightful 16 miles of the paved #41 Forest road were memorable when a forest ranger with a radar gun met us at the end, the junction with Highway 20. A 13-mile transit took the rally deep into the forest, for the Rock Lakes TSD. This was yet another way to get to Conconully State Park, all twisty gravel. This was followed by a 20 mile transit across the wide Okanogan River Valley, then 15 miles of Rally Transit Zone (RTZ) on the Tunk Mountain Rd. The 18 miles of Crawfish Lake TSD were slow and rough, ending at the Jct. with Hwy 155. Twenty miles of transit got us to the overnight stop at the Omak Cedars Inn motel.

Sunday. Morning transit for 15 miles to the gravel “Cameron Lakes” TSD, which looped from lake to lake for 23 miles. We crossed Highway 97 to pass the village of Monse, then took a 20-minute sidetrip to visit the huge U.S Electrodynamics dish farm. An odd place to put the 31 dishes and a fiber optic switching center- in the middle of acres of apple orchards. TSD to Bridgeport on a 10 mile dirt track that got better and better (it had to!) until we ended, on pavement, at Hwy 97. Cross the Columbia and finish the transit with a fine hillside view of Chief Joseph Dam. 20 miles of TSD on the high plain, headed south to finish at the McNeil Canyon road. This time we went down, with nice views of the Columbia River and maybe Lake Chelan. This was Saturday backwards, going up Browns Canyon and on to Waterville.The last TSD started in the middle of yet another wheatfield, and took a treacherous, dusty Indian Camp road to end on the ridge overlooking Wenatchee and its vast valley. Ten miles to finish at Abbey’s Pizza in East Wenatchee. 

Totals. Saturday 223 mi., 7 hours; Sunday: 167 mi., 5 3/4 hours; 11 entrants

Other Info:

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