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Raindrop Rally 1998            

Date: Sunday, April 26, 1998

Rallymaster:Mark Nolte


Start at South Sound Shopping Center, Lacey. A tire warm-up preceded the Odo check on Black Lake Road. This led to Steamboat Isl. Exit of Hwy 101, which we jumped onto for 12 miles to get to the Shelton-Matlock road. We saw all there was to see of the Little Egypt loop, then tried the Highland Road as an RTZ (Rally Transit Zone- "Monte" was purged when we realized what a proper Monte Carlo-style rally was.) Did the Star Lake road to Shafer Park. Then a 8 mi. TSD south to Satsop, cross Hwy 12 to TSD past the abandoned nuclear plant site. Then south on the South Bank (of the Chehalis River) road, to Oakville. Oakville to Gate on Hwy 12. (Gate is a RXR siding). Pass the Mima Mounds, north to Capitol Forest. Last Transit was 15 miles to Izzy's Pizza, near the Black Lake Mall shopping center.

A total of 123 miles, and 4:26 of rally time.

Entrants: 32 cars



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