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August 1998 Saturday Nighter

Date: August 15, 1998

Rallymaster: Mark Nolte


The rallymaster thought he could knock off a little rally in a couplaí days. Not that easy.  No such thing as a "small rally".

 The Route Instructionís were written as a long, continuous "run" for the checkouts. When the RIís were written to turn right and head into the CP, the fact that the next RI on the final RIís occurred before rallyists entered the CP didnít get caught. Oops! They entered the CP at the wrong speed. This made the RI at the outcone (a speed limit sign) hard to do, since it was already executed!

Now add in a real twister- the rallymaster did a last minute renumbering of the RIís -But didnít update the handouts given to the rallyists at the checkpoints!! Then throw in a technical snafu: "AT STOP  CAST 33". STOP is defined as a meeting of rally roads, there would have to be more than one valid road. Since the dead end road to the right didnít exist for rally purposes, this wasnít the STOP the rallyists were looking for. The error was obvious as the rallyists went up a 33 mph road, still doing 22! But it could be a trap! So they did it!

Fortunately, the rally was only 98 minutes long, and there were only 12 entrants. The horror didnít last too long, nor was it widespread. Trying to put a good face on a bad scene, the rallymaster handed out trophies according to some arbitrary criteria- folks from furthest away got trophies, and all the Novices went home with a trophy, even if it said "First Equipped." Recycling old dash plaques worked pretty well- take a master sheet to the copy store and have them make up a color "overhead display" transparency, then carefully cut and paste onto some old ES1000 plaques.  Trophies were somewhat more difficult, but four households have cleared out some storage space!

Since the scores arenít valid, they wonít be printed.

"I apologize for putting on a bad rally."  ĖMark Nolte, Rallymaster



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