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July, 1996              Rainier Auto Sports Club 
>Rally News
>RASC Friday Niter- June  14. Vince did a splendid job of putting together a
simple little rally, with just enough "stuff" to make it a "real" Friday
Niter. Kirk and Terry put in some long hours on it, too. Kirk had been up
since 3 am or so, and was really dragging by time awards were handed out.
        But the carnage! When Rod Johnson did one a few years ago, the yellow
Subaru threw a timing belt and has sat in the garage ever since. This year,
Vince's little Honda rebelled and quit a mile from the finish. Kim Hawley's
Audi coasted to the bottom of the hill, but refused to run. This allowed some
"quality time" for father /daughter until a tow truck got out to May Valley
Rd. to rescue them.
        When all was said and done, Leg 2 was thrown because of an ambiguous
speed change instruction. Scores attached.
         Considering that the Sonic's were in a playoff game, 28 entrants is
some sort of recent record. The best news was the 8 novice entrants, who may
one day be rallymasters or at least CP workers (Well, I can hope...)
Greg Hightower is to be thanked for his help in checking out the course. He
wasn't able to participate, even though the rally went by his house. The RI
reading "wave at Hightower's..." had rallyists looking overhead when they
should have been looking for a house!
          The Reno Divisional rally, run over the July 4 weekend, will see
quite a representation from the NW.  Kirk Simons and Mike Jones have entered,
with their spouses' and Joel Wright for support. Janice and Amity are towing
the Celica, unless they can get someone else to drive and they can fly. Mark
Simons is going too.
John Nispel bundled up his checkpoint sign collection and sent it off with
the Damitio's to Denver. (John wanted to go to Pike's Peak, but a nagging
back problem may abort that trip.)
          John Forespring, Joe Noyes, Diane Doran, and Ron Barker will be
helping on the organization side of the rally.
          Rod Millen has a hot Toyota to take to Pikes Peak. Since top time
is held by a twin-engine Japanese Suzuki, we can all hope that Rod does well
and returns the record to stateside. (A Kiwi in a Toyota...?!)
         Chuckanut's Blossomtime Daze attracted 9 cars, half from Seattle
           The Malaysian Far Eastern Championship rally got a write-up on the
Internets' Rally-L posting. The writer went out to spectate and reported that
despite a huge number of registered marshals, there were few in sight. It got
to the point that the last day's run was about to be aborted when the
rallyists "took over" and sent their crews out to officiate!  To validate the
rally for points, they only needed one more section, and the rallyists were
determined to get their money's worth.
          So the writer was hailed by a passing support rig, and asked if he
knew how to "marshal". He said he'd been to a few rallys, but.... "You'll do"
he was told, and the vehicle drove on.
           From his vantage point, he viewed a very tight turn. The rally
cars had to stop, backup, and maneuver to get around the tight corner. Possom
Bourne did it another way. He came sailing into the corner too fast, stuck a
fender into the dirt bank, which spun the car. He ended up aimed the right
direction! Didn't lose any time.
           >Roster- Anybody know the extent of the new 541 area code in
            Andrew Johnson (Rod's son) got his HAM license: KC7RSR
            Mike Jones saw one neat car after another in Hong Kong. Since
taxes total nearly the price of the car, and there are only abt. 70 miles of
roads, it's rather amazing.
             European regulations now allow polycarbonate headlight lenses.
             Consumer Reports says that their tests revealed no benefits from
fancy additives or premium motor oils, based on two years of use in New York
taxi cabs. Oil additives showed no significant reduction in engine wear.
Additionally, changing oil every 3,000 miles may not have advantages over the
manufacturer's recommendations or every 7,500 miles; however, extreme
conditions may justify the frequent changes. The complete report is available
in the July issue of Consumer Reports magazine.
             Ron Barker has a new beige Toyota pickup. Either a T100 or
Tacoma extended cab model, according to the rumor.
            Ed Millman tinkered with his "classic" Lotus Cortina race car,
and by time he was done, it was repainted dark green with a white stripe. 
          Nolte is building a new garage, and hasn't been over to the ES 1000
route lately. The plan remains to start from Moses Lake on Saturday morning,
and meander to the NE corner (Metaline Falls) with tours of Boundry Dam and
Gardner Cave. Overnight stop is Colville. Sunday's route returns to Moses
Lake by way of the near-desert back roads. One goal is to make the rally
route suitable for rental cars.  The roads lend themselves to this new
concept...they're either unusable or pretty decent!  Entry fee will be abt.
$100, including dinner. 
            Roy Ward has Plymouth "Tourisimo" project car. Combining the
products of JC Whitney and the Mopar Performance catalogs may/could result in
a perky performer. Despite a much larger engine compartment than his LeBaron
had, Roy is doing some other projects until his knuckles quit bleeding.
             New computers: Roy now has an E-Mail address, and the Simons
have a new NEC PC.
            John Fouse had his order in for V-10-powered Dodge Ram pickup,
but switched to a Ford when told that a propane conversion wasn't available
(John likes to have two fuel supplies on his ventures throughout British
Columbia) Latest word is the Ford doesn't have an approved conversion
available, yet.
           Gene Henderson of Competition Ltd (E-mail : compltd@htonline.com
 , or (313)464-1458)  fitted four BMW 528IA's (new model!) with Timewise
547Bs for the Olympic Torch caravan. He also saw the rest of the "fleet",
including six BMW's painted in Georgia State Patrol colors!
            The current "thread" on Rally L (Internet) revolves around GPS.
One item came up that caught my attention: besides the well-known location
error, the things also supply time-of-day- and it may be wrong, too!
            >RASC enthusiasts Calendar
NWRC Hotline: (206) 277-4351
Vancouver Island Hotline: (604)746-8282
           >Note that the ORV rallysprint date finally got corrected to the
last weekend in July. This is why Mountains to the Sea (Portland) is a week
earlier than originally scheduled.

May 1> Sept. 15: The Bellingham Boomerang Rally by Chuckanut Sports Car Club
consists of three loops out of Bellingham. Your $35 entry fee gets you
Generals, the Routes, and a scoresheet, then you drive the course at your
leisure (stop at all the pubs?) Sue Lingbloom says each loop could be driven
in 4-6 hours. Questions abt. the course and TSD section times make up the
score sheet. Entry forms available at the RASC meeting, or call (360)733-8897
or (360) 595-2213 for info.. NWRC members pay only $30. (There doesn't seem
to be a restriction on one entry for a whole club....)
July 5-7         SOVREN races at SIR
July 6             Reno Div-Pro
July 20          Mountains to the Sea TSD, Oregon, Russ Kraushaar
(541)745-7613  start is in Wilsonville, exit                            283
off I-5. Reg. opens 10am)
July 27-28      ORV Park Rallysprint Div-Pro & SCCA General Meeting 
Aug 3               Road Not Taken TSD, Oregon (or is it canceled?)
Sept. 14-15     Evergreen State 1000  
Sept. 20-21     POR TSD (Michigan)
Sept. 22            Bainbridge Rallysprint #2, Vancouver Island
Sept. 28-29     Totem TSD, (B.C.Regional Series event)
October 19        Armageddon TSD (Chuckanut)
October 26-27  Midnight TSD   (B.C. Regional Series event)
Nov 8>10           Pacific Forest SCCA Nat'l Rally & Year-end Awards
(Formerly TdF and Dryad Quest  Div-Pro's)

 June Friday Niter Results   Presented by  Rainier Auto Sports Club       
 No.  Class  Driver/  Navigator             -Leg 1 - Leg 3 - Leg 4 - Leg 5 -
R/C - Total- o/a
18    MAS    Cynthia Daily/Michael Daily  1        15          2        24
        0        42      5
15  MAS  Steve Pfau /Vasco DePinna        6        41          5         1
         0        53     7
28  MAS  Hal Dittman/Kelly Smith          12        22         4        17
        0        55      9
4  MAS  John Humphrey/Derris Hedlund     6        36         4         28
       0        74      12
3  MAS  Steve  Case/Keith Uddenberg        6        49         4        19
        0        78      14

17  NOV Mark King /Jason Flatebo           29        96         4        65
        0       194    16
13  NOV  Mark  Mullen/Janene Mullen      14          7        20       163
     30       234    17
16  NOV  Dick  Phillips/Mike Springer     18        58          1       300
     30       407    19
11  NOV  Ron  Roscoe/Arthur Anderson      5          6        87       300
     30       428    20
1  NOV  Kris  Carlisle/Lynn Thomas         97       107        10      300
     30       544    23
9  NOV  Nick  Brown/Carry Porter          300       26          15      300
       0       641    24
5  NOV  Sharon  Euster/Steve Gore          17       300        300     300
      30      947     25
24  NOV  Justin Collins /Jennifer Warren 95     300         300     300
      0       995     26
14 NOV   Shirley Leupold/Lea Jackson

2  SOP  Dick Tennent/Dick Potter              4        8            6
         1          0       19       4
10  SOP  Lonna Thompson/Curt Thompson  6      10           20       14
        0        50       6
21  SOP  Andy Carrel/Edward Carrel        18        3            1          2
      30        54       8
6  SOP  Richard Crosier/Pamela Cain       11        3            7          7
      30         58     11
22  SOP  Todd  Goins/Toni Goins               13      20           5
          6      30         74      13
8  SOP  Chuck Huffington/Ian Huffington    8       47          4        300
      0        359     18
25  SOP  Nick Reynolds/Zach Cox              117       4        17        300
    30        468      21
23  SOP  Ryan  Madson/Neil Kalinowski     44     173        24        300
      0        541     22

7  UNL  Steve Roberts/Wes Goo                   0         0           0
         2         0           2        1
12  UNL  Pat Biggar/Don Gibson                  0          0           0
         2         0           2       1
19  UNL  Rob Matthesen/Chriss Maldonado  0          2           1          2
        0           5        2
27  UNL  Cheri Eddy/Bob Morseburg             2         6            1
        5          0         14       3
26  UNL  Bob  Sjodin/Debbie Sjodin           39        17          0
         1          0         57       10

20  Vint  B  Walt Carrel/Dee Carrel          13         37         16
      49        30       145        15


Rainier Auto Sports Club will meet this coming Monday, July 7, at 7:30 PM at
CoCo's in Bellevue. We have a meeting room set aside in the back. Monthly
meetings are the second Monday of each month. Past Members,  visitors, and
spectators are welcomed. 
The Reno rally will be the freshest news. Jones wouldn't write up something
for the WAG, but can probably talk for a few minutes about "the cars of Hong
Kong". The final words about the June Friday Niter. Vince may have a new
>1996 Board Members:
 President: Kirk Simons, 854-0382, Vice-President: Joel Wright, 244-6253 ,
Secretary:  Pete Shelton, 526-1130 ,  Treasurer: Cristy Breazeale, 935-8312.
  Board Members: Vince Plancich, 742-3558 & Ed Millman, 361-7389 
The Wishbone Alley Gazette is published for the members and friends of
Rainier Auto Sports Club. 
 The editor is Mark Nolte, ph. 226-3155. Contributions and paid/unpaid ads
eagerly received at WAG FAX Line: 226-1469.


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