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 RASC News

Minutes of the April Meeting -Reported by Mark Nolte, Secretary.

Meeting called to order at 7:40PM by Vice President Kirk Simons; President Vince Plancich was excused.
The Secretary announced that minutes of the March meeting were unavailable to be read. Terry Simons produced an issue of the WAG and the minutes were read, and approved. Treasurer reports $1251.43 in the RASC account. Bills paid to NWRC for dues and 1999 event insurance.

The upcoming Doo Wop Club rallys were discussed. RASC only had a stage on Saturday, one which we had "worked" before. There were no plans for Sunday.

Olympus and associated rumors were discussed. No one has talked to anyone on that event's staff. There was some question as to whether a staff for such a  "large" event was actually in place.

The NWRC report was brief, with no news. Kirk Simons shared his experience riding with Nolte and using the Timewise rally computer.

The SCCA Wild West rally came up: we've been requested to staff a Saturday stage; the organizers are aware of the difficulty getting to Olympia for the Friday night stages. The stage is some sort of variation of the long, long RXR-Beeville-California Road stage.

Roy Ward has been to Eastern Washington looking at roads, with Paul Appel. The current plan is to get to Airway Heights, near Spokane. The question of the rally date came up, with the first weekend of November "looking good".

The Alcan 5000 came up, with 34 cars registered. The rest of the discussion will not be reported in these minutes.

Raindrop Rally was discussed next. The workers were listed, with some doubt about Joel Wright being able to attend. Rallymaster Mark Nolte described the route as 130 miles and 4 hours and 15 minutes long. The trophy plaques are on  order. Kirk Simons volunteered to "check" the route. The RASC Friday Niter was discussed. Kirk Simons has decided to pick a route close to his house.

The subject of a "RASC Banner" came up. Various numbers were bandied around. Meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM

Raindrop Rally - Reported by Mark Nolte
The Raindrop is supposed to be an easy little rally, to relieve the lack of rally activity over the winter months, and introduce some new folks to the sport. The 1999 version was soooo easy that no General Instructions were needed. That's almost a "first". As I explored roads and reduced the alternatives to what you saw, I realized that the route was almost a "snore",  rather boring. Maybe that was just familiarity with the roads, since I used many of the them in the 1995 Raindrop. Fortunately, I didn't get any complaints of "dull roads" (just slow speeds.)

We were able to score 13 controls. The 4-hour route was composed of two hours and 13 minutes of TSD, so there were a lot of CP's for the distance. The typical Friday Niter runs about 2 hours, with 3 or 4 checkpoints, for instance. Using passage controls allows me to get the most checkpoints out of  the available crews; the downside is that you don't know how you're doing until the end.

Possibly the toughest part of laying out a rally is finding a good start  location. RASC member Pete Shelton volunteered Alley Chevrolet, which worked out perfect, what with the dry place to attach the door numbers. Once that was decided, the rally route sort of "fell into place".

We Transited to Maltby, as good a place to end as any (unless I could find a place with restrooms- I couldn't). I also liked minimizing higher speeds in the Odometer Transit, since I still suspect that the tires measure different at high speed than at slow (rally) speeds.
For the first TSD, we made our way into the valley and crossed highway 9. This was the only section where I put in pauses; some too short, according to the critiques. We passed a "Wildlife Park", where you were timed at CP 2C at 5.87 miles. You wouldn't notice the timing car among the others in the small lot. You did the junction with Seattle Hill Road (SR 96), and keep on the  valley-side road. You passed CP 2F at 10.46 miles, just another little dirt road going to the valley floor. I wanted to finish at Lowell Park, but the restrooms are locked. Those of you "in need' may have spotted the port-a-potty, which appeared just last week.I tried to avoid Interstate 5 to get past Everett, but its far quicker than the other options.

Section 4, "English to Skagit Flats" was my longest TSD. I made a mistake in the RI's at RI 7- the mileage was 2.46, not 2.56; a typing error. (This was pointed out by a competitor). The first CP, 4C was at 10.07 miles, with the next  (4D) at 10.97 mi., both on Frank Waters Road at a 37 CAST. Among the meager scenery on this rally, you got a glimpse of the Olympics, if  the weather was right, on your way down the Marine Drive to Norman Road. Usually clogged by bicycles, I didn't notice any on this drizzly day. You passed a "15 M.P.H." sign at 15.48 mi., went around the corner and passed a black SUV with a CP crew in it- they timed you at the sign (CP 4K). You passed a "Truck Crossing" sign at 16.508 miles, with the CP crew timing you from just beyond (CP 4L). Most of our checkpoint crews were using "checkpoint clocks" that require just a button-push to capture your time, so the timing should be pretty good. Now another stint on I-5, although I hope you got a hint of what the "good ol' days' were like on the piece of old highway 99 that we ran. Imagine traveling that road in the 50's, as the main road!  In case you're wondering,  the route I took avoided long, straight, boring roads on the west side of the freeway.

The "Poor Dirt Farm" TSD was named mostly for the monster houses that keep popping up in the neighborhood. Nice places, but what a place to start a daily commute, to ??? And those little dirt side roads lead to more mansions.

There were only 2 CP's on this "section line road" TSD-  CP 6D at 9.316 mi.,  and 6F at 11.954. You wouldn't see either one, since there were "scenic distractions". 6F has some interesting scores, but didn't have anything unique about it to make so many cars late. Then into Arlington and Haller Park. Ah, a potty stop! I tried and tried to build a TSD that started right at the park, but the city streets don't adapt well to staying on time. I found a parking lot for starting the TSD, except  they built a church annex on it during the layout weeks! So the start of the "Burn Road" TSD wasn't very "clean".  I decided not to use Jordan Road, which many of us have memorized, because of  the increased traffic. There just aren't that many ways to head south from Arlington, and I think I picked the best. I have to admit that I only drove it at rally speed once- all the other times, I was holding up traffic! CP9A  was at .651 miles, close to the start and on the "funnest" road on the whole rally. Note the scores for cars 6 and 7- there's a story there. CP 9C was at 3.933 miles, and 9G was at 6.558. Unless the road was blocked by someone else driving the speed limit (unlikely), you should have been on time. Then Granite Falls, and a short Transit. The place is busy in the summer, and remarkably busy nowadays. Once remote, the place even has a McDonalds.  There were two checkpoints on this stretch of the rally. CP 11C was at 4.510 miles, at a "gotcha" location on top of a rise, and 11J at 11.894 miles. This
used to be a gravel road, in the 60's, but there wasn't any traffic then either. I think it was a nicer in the 60's.

You arrived at Machias, and the Centennial Park. Just to keep things manageable, I started the final Transit at the end of the parking lot. A rather odd way to do a TSD section, but inconsequential for scoring purposes. We did 75 miles of TSD and 54 of Transit, a 58/42% split.

If you were on your first rally, this had a few nuances you won't encounter on other rallys. It was planned around a tight schedule- a reasonable start time, and finishing up downright early!  There are about 2 1/2 hours of more
road out there, plus a few loops that I didn't see any reason to include. If it ran much longer, than I'd have to work in another break, too. Other rallys have some precise rules, and much more precise RI's. There were "traps' out there that I carefully excised out. Traps keep the teams on their toes, and one of the most critical "rally skills" is driver-navigator communication. This rally was as simple as you will encounter, with minimal stress.
Thank you for coming.

Raindrop Results
Rainier Auto Sports Club presented it's 14th "Raindrop Rally" on Sunday, May 2. The TSD rally ran north of Seattle, touring portions of the Snohomish River Valley, Skagit Flats (nearly-to-Stanwood), then to Arlington for a brief break. The rallyists took the scenic back way to Granite Falls,  then to the growing Lake Stevens suburb of Machias. The event ended with  awards to deserving class winners at Alfy's Pizza in south Everett. Weather was typical Seattle (year around....)- drizzle mixed with sunshine.
 Scoring was based on 13 checkpoints. The route was roughly 55/45 timed versus Transit sections over its 130 mile length. It was fairly short-  4 hours.
Scores and class are listed for the 17 entrants:

# DRIVER/  NAVIGATOR           CLASS     Total
6 Paul Cho /Gregg Leege                  CAL           80
3 Kevin Hayward/ Pamela Cain         CAL        144
11 Stephen Wiley/ Eric Horst             NOV       351
10 Alan Orr/ David Orr                     NOV       390
16 Janell Farnsworth/Larry Star         NOV       393
14 Michael Daily/ Tom Palidar           SOP          73
15 Vasco DePinna/ Dave Monahan    SOP        161
5 Geoff Case/Christy Sales                 SOP        187
2 Keith Fabean/ Chuck Johnson          SOP       189
1 David Preston/ Will Preston              SOP       207
7 John Humphrey/ Derris Humphrey    SOP       232
12 Bob Forman/ Rich Passer               SOP       238
4 Pat Biggar/ Bob Sjodin                      UNL          5
9 David Jensen/ John Kisela                  UNL       13
17 Bob Morseburg/ Cheri Eddy            UNL       24
8 Debbie Sjodin/Ardis Dull                    UNL      70
13 Steve Case/Keith Uddenburg            UNL      90


* Toyota has a print advertisement describing a one-off, very special $20K wrench they use for assembling their vehicles. While this may be primarily to speed assembly, I pity the poor mechanic who is expected to work on the vehicle in the "real" world.  My Jeep needed "help", with an intermittent starting problem. Consensus  opinion (!) was that I needed to replace the Flywheel Position Sensor. The only way to do this required collecting all my ratchet wrench extensions, and tightening the bolt from about 4 feet away.
* Speaking of the "mechanic's life", Subaru's "manual" for the 1998 Impreza 2.5 RS requires collecting all the manuals since 1993, and the yearly updates.
* Letters from the Breazeales indicate that they made it through the Alaskan winter OK.  They've got a cell phone, so Kenai must be a civilized place.
* In the beginning, Roy Ward wanted to build a "Evergreen State 1000" car-  one that would handle unpaved roads, possibly fast enough to keep up with the Breazeales. Parts came together and the Tourismo came together with a large engine and nice, comfy seats. But Roy is a big fellow, and he didn't fit. So he sold it to Jim Breazeale. Jim painted it blue, fiddled with it a bit. Then the Breazeales quit Seattle. Rod Johnson needed something for his teenage daughter, so he got it.  Now, after being semi-stranded twice, he has replaced the distributor pickup  and thinks its reliable. But too fast for a teenager. As a matter of fact, the car now sports a "For Sale" sign. The seats, while  comfy, are pretty tall. Other than that, ready to go. (Rod's number is 425-392-8497, e-mail: KA7YOU@juno.com  , price unknown)
* Unconfirmed rumor at press time- Vince has a vintage Alfa Romeo. Steve Richards old red (what else?) toy.
 NWR Region News

Wild West Rescheduled to June 18-19, 1999


The WILD WEST Rally is part of the Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship. The Sou'Wester and Wild West ClubRallys are sanctioned by the NORTHWEST REGION of the SCCA. The ClubRally events qualify for the 1999 NORPAC and the 1999 NORTHWEST REGION ClubRally Championships. The events will adhere to 1999 ProRally and ClubRally Rally Rules and Rules for Organizers.


Entry to the event requires a paid entry fee, valid state drivers license, valid SCCA ProRally (National) or ClubRally license for both driver and co-driver, vehicle liability insurance, valid vehicle registration and a completed entry form.

The entry fee for the WILD WEST ProRally is $400.00 thru June 3, 1999, $450.00 on June 4.  The entry fee for the Sou'Wester and the Wild West ClubRally rallies is $250.00 thru June 3, 1999, $300.00 on June 4. The entry fee is for one or both rallies. Competitors wishing to enter the ProRally (National) and ClubRallys should add $25.00 to the ProRally entry fee.

Checks should be made payable to NORTHWEST REGION, SCCA and mailed to BOB GRASS, 24529 13TH PLACE SOUTH, DES MOINES, WA 98198.


    BOB GRASS     (206) 824-4558
  JOHN FORESPRING      (360) 943-2191 DAYS
   NAVONNE WATERHOUSE    (360) 427-6907


The WILD WEST ProRally will use the normal stage format utilizing FISA signs and control procedures. The ProRally will run fourteen stages, all of which will be scored. The two ClubRallys will include all the ProRally stages. The event will have 140 stage miles and a total of 300 miles. All stages will be on gravel.


The headquarters and press room for the WILD WEST Rally will be the Shelton Inn, 628 Railroad Avenue, Shelton, Washington 98584 (360) 426-4468. The Headquarters will not be staffed until the afternoon of June 17th.


Location To Be Announced


June 17, 1999 - Thursday
   19:30               Close of Entry
   15:00 - 18:00   Registration & Scrutineering
    20:00              Welcome Party - Doo Wop Inn,
                            843 SE State Rt. 3, Shelton, WA Sponsor - Auto GLASPRO, Olympia, WA

June 18, 1999 - Friday
   11:00 - 15:00   Registration & Scrutineering
   16:30               Parc Expose - Downtown Shelton
   18:00               Start - Wild West ProRally & Sou'Wester ClubRally
    23:30              Finish - Downtown Shelton - Finish of Day One - Wild West ProRally, Finish - Sou'Wester ClubRally

June 19, 1999 - Saturday
    08:00            Parc Expose - Downtown Shelton
    08:30            Start - Day Two -  Wild West ProRally & Wild West ClubRally
    18:45            Finish - Wild West ProRally & Wild West ClubRally
    20:00            Awards Banquet
    21:00            Awards Presentation

Northwest Region Rally Committee Minutes Highlights
Nothing to Report

Friday Nighers....ARE BACK!! After an absence of  one year, NWRC-TSD road rallying is back to it's original schedule:  2nd Friday of each month:  May 14th, June 11th, July 9th, Aug 13th, Sept 10th, and Oct 8th.  Same starting location:  Eastgate Park-n-Ride (Bellevue) - take exit 11A off of east bound I-90 & Follow towards 150th, remain going towards the Park-N-Ride on the road which parallels the interstate (westbound).  Same registration time:  6:30 PM with First Car Out @ 7:30 PM. Cost for this two hours of fun is $15.00 for non-car club members & $10.00 for car club members.  And for further rally information call the :  NWRC HOTLINE @ 206-256-9627

 For Sale

Please forward any items for sale to Terry Simons, e-mail: tjs9820@gte.net. or call 425-806-1741


Information made available from Ben's Rally Page
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1999 Board Members: President: Vince Plancich; Vice President: Kirk Simons; Secretary: Mark Nolte; Treasurer: Terry Simons; Historian: Mike Jones; Board Members at Large: Pete Shelton and Jerry Hines

The Wishbone Alley Gazette is published for the members and friends of Rainier Auto Sports Club. Subscription price is $10 per year. The editor is Terry Simons, phone 425-806-1741. Contributions and paid/unpaid ad eagerly received at 4029 228th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021



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