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The Wishbone Alley Gazette

 RASC News

Minutes of the May Meeting -Reported by Mark Nolte, Secretary.
Meeting called to order by President Vince Plancich at 7:45pm.  Minutes were approved as printed in the April Wishbone Alley Gazette. Treasurer's Report: Since expenses for Raindrop were presented at the  meeting, the bank balance wasn't reported. Raindrop transactions will possibly net $58.

The status of the Post Office box was discussed. There was no news from NWRC.

ORCA has settles on a June 27 date for a rally  called "Rally Round the Puddle". It was noted that this conflicts with the  Oregon Trail PRO Rally.

The new "SCCA News" looks good; an ad for Raindrop was in the latest issue. No report available on bidding for a banner.

The Wild West Pro Rally will be headquartered in Shelton, since Little Creek  Casino won't be sponsoring the event. The Shelton Inn will be HQ, as used in  the past. Mark Nolte will head up the RASC "worker contribution", and expects to request workers meet at 9AM at the Shelton Park and Ride, next to Highway  101. (Since amended to 7:30am-MN). We have the usual stage, normally known as  "RXR".

The "Wenatchee Rally" was brought up. Roy says it's under control.

Jerry Hines showed up with an Alcan Report: Tim Paterson, Ken Knight, Tim Arnold, Ken Maytag, and R. Dale Kraushaar have all contacted him concerning  special vehicles. These would be sponsored, to one extent or another, by  manufacturers or dealers. Jerry has 35 potential entrants for the winter  event.

Raindrop- President Vince said he had a good time, and thinks everyone else  did. The Sweep crew made a wrong turn (who said this was lost in the  Secretary's notes).  Nolte thanked all for the help, pointing out that Terry  Simons had the scores ready nearly as soon as she arrived at the finish. It was discussed whether to send a "thank you" note to Alley Chevrolet.

The SOVREN hillclimb, previously announced for October, has been postponed a  year. Vince learned this on a visit to Mary!
hill (Goldendale).

Pete Shelton asked if anyone was interested in T-Shirts with the RASC  name/logo. General response seemed to depend on the price.

Nolte passed a copy of the Olympus schedule around. This was from the Web  site, and the same as available at Doo Wop III/IV.

Friday Niter: Kirk Simons is scouting roads apparently by taking the long way  home from work. He'll also work on a budget. Vince volunteered to do dash  plaques. Trophy designs were discussed, with ceramic tiles being a likely

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

After the meeting, we all met in the parking lot to admire Vince's new, red Alfa Romeo Guilia.

Wild West:  Workers meet at 7:30 am at the Shelton Park n' Ride., Saturday  morning. Need 10 scare up 10 RM's.

News- don't think I'' volunteer to put together any more Stages- this "o'dark thirty a.m." stuff isn't any fun.

 NWR Region News

Oregon Trail & Trail's End - June 26 & 27, 1999

Offical Portland Rose Festival Motorsports events!  Coefficient 3 & Coefficient 2 NorPac Division ClubRallys.  Clatsop State Forest, Oregon.

It's that time of year again!  Time for the annual running of the Oregon Trail Rally!  This year, we have two events for your enjoyment.  The Oregon Trail ClubRally, a coefficient 2 Club Rally, on Saturday June 26th, and The Trail's End ClubRally, a coefficient 2 ClubRally, on Sunday June 27th.  Both events count in the NorPac Divisional ClubRally Championship and the Northwest Region ClubRally Championship.

Headquarters:  Comfort Inn, Exit 39 off of I-5, 440 Three Rivers Dr., Kelso, Washington.  Phone: (360) 425-4600
When reserving rooms, mention the Oregon Rally Group Reservation List for best rates.

Registration & Scrutineering:  Columbia Ford, Exit 36 off of I-5, 700 7th Ave. Longview, WA.  Sunday:  Three Rivers Maill (I-5 @ Exit 39) & Comfort Inn.

Classes:  SCCA ClubRally: Open, Group 5, Group 2, Production GT, Production

Cost:  $250 for both days, advance registration.  $300 for both days After 6/22/99 (postmark date).
Easch Event Individually:  $175 for Oregon Trail, $125 for Trail's End.  All Registrations fully refundable through 6/25/99

For  more information, contact the Oregon Rally Group at (503) 655-6851 or e-mail at pfs@teleport.com or see the Oregon Rally Group Web Page at:  www.reed.edu/~bradley/ortrail/org.html

Northwest Region Rally Committee Minutes Highlights
Nothing to Report

Friday Nighers....ARE BACK!! After an absence of  one year, NWRC-TSD road rallying is back to it's original schedule:  2nd Friday of each month:  May 14th, June 11th, July 9th, Aug 13th, Sept 10th, and Oct 8th.  Same starting location:  Eastgate Park-n-Ride (Bellevue) - take exit 11A off of east bound I-90 & Follow towards 150th, remain going towards the Park-N-Ride on the road which parallels the interstate (westbound).  Same registration time:  6:30 PM with First Car Out @ 7:30 PM. Cost for this two hours of fun is $15.00 for non-car club members & $10.00 for car club members.  And for further rally information call the :  NWRC HOTLINE @ 206-256-9627

Round the Puddle Rally
Date: June 26th Saturday  (conflicts to numerous to mention Including WW) and its still in conflict with the Pro Rally thing in Oregon.  Starting location: Grand Prix racing in FIFE.  (I-5 south, Exit 137, L, R, L, L into parking lot)
If you don't want to run we could use workers.
 For Sale

Pete Shelton has a '86 325e for $2500. He also has a '93 Festiva (Auto, a/c). with the price negotiable.

Jerry volunteered that he had a '96 Grand Cherokee, for $2100

Please forward any items for sale to Terry Simons, e-mail: tjs9820@gte.net. or call 425-806-1741

Information made available from Ben's Rally Page
 Coming Next Month

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RAINIER AUTO SPORTS CLUB Will meet this coming Monday, July 12, 1999 at 7:30 PM at CoCo's in Bellevue, (520 112th Ave., between "NE8" and "NE45th" Exits of 405 on the west side of the Hwy.) We have a meeting room set aside in the back. Monthly meetings are help on the second Monday of each month. Past Members, visitors and spectators are welcome.

1999 Board Members: President: Vince Plancich; Vice President: Kirk Simons; Secretary: Mark Nolte; Treasurer: Terry Simons; Historian: Mike Jones; Board Members at Large: Pete Shelton and Jerry Hines

The Wishbone Alley Gazette is published for the members and friends of Rainier Auto Sports Club. Subscription price is $10 per year. The editor is Terry Simons, phone 425-806-1741. Contributions and paid/unpaid ad eagerly received at 4029 228th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021


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