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RASC News:

Minutes of the December meeting -Reported by Mark Nolte, Secretary.
Meeting called to order by President Vince Plancich at 7:44PM.
November Meeting minutes approved.

Old Business:

Carting Challenge: Joel Wright, Pete Shelton, and Kirk Simons represented RASC. Torque Steerers and Chuckanut Sports Car Club was the challengers. The results placed TS#1,RASC second, and Chuckanut last.

New Business:

The 2000 Club Officers were announced. Vince handed the meeting over to Terry Simons at 7:53 PM. Venues for 2000 events were discussed. No sites for a rallycross have been found. Solo is in search for a new site, since Boeing has sold their Kent parking lot. Bremerton apparently has a full schedule. Arrangements have been made to sell RASC T-shirts at the SCCA Workers Party in late January. The SCCA Rallygroup is still consulting for venues for Club Rally’s. Simpson has already outlined their plan. State Department of Natural Resources has been contacted.
Terry read Noltešs notes from the Annual NWRC meeting. Friday Niteršs have been assigned to the member clubs, and dates for other events have been selected. Dave Folker notified the Board members that he might not be able to join them as a Board member. Mark Nolte will contact him.
Terry said that she canšt do both the Gazette and be President. She asked for volunteers to edit the WAG. No takers. Terry discussed transferring the Treasurer functions to Ed Millman. Theyšll investigate changing banks.

Events for 2000:

RASC didnšt have a representative at the NWRC meeting, no dates were reserved. Raindrop and No Alibi came up. Somebody will have to consult with Paul Appel about No Alibi.  Chuckanut could co-sponsor a rallycross with RASC. This came up at Carting Challenge. There may be some venues up north.

Alcan Report:

Jerry reported about 30 entrants, with new ones coming in as others drop out. He expects about 25 teams to participate. He has requests for two navigators, if anybody is interested. He checked hauling prices. It would cost about $1200 to get cars from Anchorage to the Midwest.
Vince asked if anyone was going to the SCCA Divisional meeting at Portland. It would cost $75.
Pete, Jerry, and Ed Millman announced that they each have cars for sale.
Meeting adjourned at 8:31PM.

No Minutes from the January Meeting

Note from the President / Editor

Sorry about not sending out the January WAG, Kirk and I had to leave town suddenly due to a death in the family.  Now that we are back on track. I need to find someone to take over the WAG, with my job, going to school and being president I don’t have time. Can some please HELP me out? Now that I’m talking about the WAG, it seems that the WAG is having some problems. It cost around $50.00 a month to send it out, that doesn’t include the time of gathering the information, typing it up, and stuffing the envelops. I am working on cutting down the distribution listing. For those of you who get this a courtesy, will probably find that you will not be receiving the WAG. If you want to become a member and receive the WAG the cost is $17.00 a year for a single, $20.00 a year for a Family, or to just receive the WAG it is $10.00 a year. What you receive as being member, you receive a discount at all of the Friday Niter Events, some of the Touring Rally, and you will receive the WAG. I’m looking into adding some new items.


We finally set a date for the 2000 NO ALIBI Rally it is June 24 and 25. The following people are working to set the Rally setup: Roy Ward, Kirk and Terry Simons, Paul Appel, and Joel Wright
More on the ALCAN 5000 Winter Rally As you know, the Alcan 5000 Winter Rally will be starting on Friday, February 11. We need checkpoint workers. We have two kinds of slots to fill:
1. The "Sauk It To Me" TSD, the first TSD section of the rally, which of course starts north of Darrington and runs up through Concrete and finishes east of Sedro Wooley. We need folks to work this TSD. The checkpoint sheets then would be passed on to the designated worker car as it comes through, then you'd be free to return home. The second kind of worker we need is:
2. To work the first TSD, then continue north with the rally, passing the competitors, and working the "Soda Creek" TSD out of Williams Lake, BC, then spending the night in Quesnal, BC The next morning you would work
The Gold Pan Speedway Solo, then the first TSD section, then return to your homes or wherever. The openings for these positions is limited, so if you want to do this, speak soon.
Please let me know if you want to participate as a worker on the Alcan ASAP. Thanks!

Roy S. Ward KA7RZL
16415 N.E. 106th PL
Redmond, WA 98052
Home: 425 869 3836
Work: 425 882 2206

NWR Region News

Minutes from the December NWR Meeting:

Old Business:
Review of why the Shitepoke/Dryad Rally was canceled. Rally had been approved, then Simpson adopted their Salmon Recovery plan that stated if it was raining on the day of the event, and the event couldn't be held. Discussion followed on the possibility of future problems with our rallies.

New Business:
Potential new rally cross site. Frank Hamilton found a site right off of I-5 at exit 95. Approximately 66 acres. Surface is a little bit of everything. Maybe see about getting one of the non-profit groups to do the concessions.

Rally Workers Party - Navonne was to check on the availability of using SPSCC again. She doesn't foresee any problems. She will call Fred to confirm.

Janell Mullins brought up that it is mandatory the members of the Executive Board attend the Regional Banquet on January 22, 2000. She asked that the Rally Committee reimburse the four members that are representing Rally for
the cost of the dinner. Rich Olmsted moved that we reimburse them. It was seconded, voted on and passed.

Rally Committee meetings for 2000 will be always be on the 1st Thursday following the 1st Monday of each month, except July. July's meeting will be held on Thursday, July 13.
Nominating Committee - John Nispel will get a hold of the committee members to see if they have nominated anyone. This needs to be done soon.
Janell Mullins asked that names of people who are donating prizes for the Banquet be to her by December 22.

Janell Mullins nominated John Nispel for Assistant R.E. for the year 2000. It was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Kevin Poirier talked about Oregon's Rally Crosses. They are going to go to one event per day vs. two separate events. Four runs per car. Two, maybe three events during the year. They are expanding the car classes to six. These are proposed rule changes. The Oregon group has a committee working on these.

Norpac convention will be in Reno, January 7-9. Held at Harrahs. Kevin Poirier talked about the agenda for the event.

Ron Barker moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:37 p.m. It was seconded, voted on and passed.

Minutes from the January NWR Meeting:
John Forespring brought back brochures, etc from the rally in Laughlin, Nevada. He talked about the rally.

There was discussion on getting our own web page. What should be included and it should be linked to as many other pages as possible. Paul Taylor is going to check into a server to use. Lee Chambers said he would help setting up the web page. John Nispel will also check and see if he can find someone to help Lee.

Rally Worker's Party mailing - we did a lot of stamping, labeling, etc before the meeting tonight. Navonne talked with Fred at SPSCC. She ordered 120 meals. She is still negotiating the cost and what will be served. The Worker's Party will be held on Saturday, January 29, 2000.

Old Holiday Inn in Renton is where the Regional Banquet will be held. It is being held on Saturday, January 22, 2000.

Doo-Wop update - DNR has turned us down for the rally this year. There was much discussion on what we can do to get the use of the roads. We are setting up a meeting with DNR in the hopes that we can persuade them to change their minds.

Regional Board Meeting venue may be changed. If that's the case, the day of the month may also be changed.

Ron Barker moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 p.m. It was seconded, voted on and passed.

Doo Wop I and II :
Unfortunately, I have to report that the February Doo Wops have been canceled. The landowner, the Department of Natural Resources, has refused permission for the rally and they waited until it was too late to do anything but cancel the event, although I'm not sure what if any alternatives are available in western Washington. Since there are different landowners involved, we think the March events will occur as scheduled.

Rally Cross

If you are upgrading to an SA95 Helmet, please donate your old SA85 or SA90 helmet to the Rally Cross Program.
Loaner helmets are made available at Rally Cross events to encourage newcomers to get involved with motor sports.
Won’t your please donate your helmets so that we can safely share our sport with others?
If you can help, please call Oregon Region Rally Director Kevin Poirier at (503) 556-0908.

NWRC Yearly Scheduling meeting - John Humphrey, President NWRC
I. The Calendar:

March 10         ORCA                     Friday Niter
April 2              Chuckanut             Flapdoodle
April 14            Torque Steerers   Friday Niter
May 12             ORCA                     Friday Niter
May 20             SCCA                     TSD - Oregon
June 9             ORCA                     Friday Niter
July 8               Barc                        Dougs Miata Club Rally
July 14             Torque Steerers  Friday Niter
August 11       ORCA                     Friday Niter
August 12       SCCA(National)   The Road Not Taken - Oregon
September 8  NWRC                    Friday Niter
October 7        ORCA                     Night on Bald Mountain Monte Carlo
October 13      RASC                     Friday Niter
November 4    Chuckanut            Armageddon Monte Carlo
II. Friday Night Rally Times:

Registration 6:45 pm            First Car Out 7:30 pm

III. Entry Fee Schedule

a) Friday Niter entry fee: $15.00 non-club members
                                            $10.00 club members
                                            $  5.00 Car Number Refundable Deposit (Magnetic Car Numbers)

IV. Rally Club Fee Schedule:

a) NWRC club fees: $20
b) Club Sanction Fee $80 (insurance $66, NWRC fee 14) However, this could change if there is an increase in insurance

V. Insurance:

NWRC will maintain its current Liability limits of 500K. If an event is cancelled, the sponsoring club needs to contact Kelly Smith no later than 48 hrs prior to the date of the event to obtain a refund from the insurance company. Otherwise, your insurance premium is un-refundable.

VI. Advertising:
a) Approved a budget of $230 dollars for advertising.  (Mr. Palidar's plan).
VII. Treasurer's report:
Kelly Smith reported that NWRC has $1900. $1000 will be used to purchase a CD.
VIII. Magnetic Car Numbers:
 NWRC will invest in magnetic car numbers.  We will purchase materials to make one size to support Friday Niters and a larger size to support Monte Carlo style rallies.  Dave Treen volunteered to manufacture these signs for the NWRC.

IX. NWRC Officers:     
President:            John Humphrey
Vice President:   Bob Sjodin
Treasurer:           Kelly Smith

Please send my your club schedules for the Northwest Rally Council web site.  You can reply to this email, or at anytime go to www.nwrally.com <http://www.nwrally.com>  schedule page and fill out the automated schedule for additions and modifications.  I'd like to have the schedule page correct by the end of the week if possible.

Any questions, please get in touch with me at Greg@nwrally.com <mailto:Greg@nwrally.com>  or Greg@teamhightower.com mailto:Greg@teamhightower.com  


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