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June , 2000                            Rainier Auto Sports Club
Oregon in May by Mark Nolte
    An SCCA National TSD rally just a few miles south, in Oregon- Iıll go.
    Linked up with John Kisela, who had "released" his regular pedal-pusher (Dave Jensen) at the last minute. (Dave had to save the world that weekend, or something like that.)  I introduced him to the Timewise 797 rally computer, he compared it to his Alfa. The learning curve was steep; we both agreed on the computer differences.
    Later, we reviewed the Generals and rules over brandy. Then reread the Supps and drank some more brandy. Reading more would have resulted in a hangover.
    Saturday was a combined Tour and Course event, Rallymastered by Monte and Victoria Saager. Monte laid out the Course rally with all the traps he could get away with, and Victoria wrote the RIıs for the "Tour" rally that followed the same route. (I liked her story- "Just followed Monte in my car and wrote RIıs as I went").
    Although there were only 18 entries, most of them went for the "Tour", while John wanted to experience the evil handiwork of "Perfessor Saager".  Just like itıs supposed to be, the rally was fun.  We racked up huge scores, rolling into CPıs sometimes on the correct minute, sometimes working on the wrong instruction. The biggest surprise was no break until noon.  (I rejected using a Time Dec to visit the bushes, a foolish mistake.)  
    Changing the "Main Road Rules" every leg had its effect: " 4) R AT T", for instance.  A "T" can also be a road name starting with a T.  Since the rally was confined to a fairly small area, we soon knew where that would happen. Of course, Monte didnıt bring us to that particular situation.  When we came up to a  "T" intersection there were two or three things to keep in mind.
    I wanted to see more of Oregon, and did. More than the Rallymaster intended.  Or maybe he did- I just donıt know.  Poor John was trying to get Pauses into the A Box, write up Time Decs, and keep track of the possible scenarioıs.  For instance, I launched us left after a quoted sign, just like the RI said.  John gently pointed out that the sign I used was on the left. All rally signage will be on the right. I mumbled something about whether there was a sign on the right, also.  It turned out to be a loop, with the RIıs working splendidly.  
    Now, what do we do when we are faced with the intersection and John points to the blank space where I hoped a sign would be?   We faked it- decided that we had gone all of .5 miles at 25 instead of 33, regained the course, made up the time and entered the CP on time.  The handout didnıt agree with us, though.  It mentioned a few things we hadnıt noticed, so it was a loss anyway.
    Monte put the course together for very few CPıs. Cheryl Eddy and Victoria Saager parked at the bottom of a winding road and we were timed in 3 or 4 times (on course).  He did the same thing at a school, with a mobile cast of workers, mostly Kevin Poirier.  I suppose there is a way to keep these frequent visits organized, but I did sort of hope theyıd pass us the handout for a future visit. Not sure it would have helped, since weıd have to figure out what to do before arriving on the time dictated by the timing slip.
    One of the clever things an experienced rallyist will look for is "correct" speeds. A good rallymaster would never send us down a road at vastly different speed from the speed limit, would he?  Why not? John learned this early on when I thrashed at 44Cast on a nice 25-mph road.  We didnıt arrive early.  If weıd "denied" the speed, we would have been late. The Oregon speed limits seem to support this, as we watched the team behind us smoke into the CP.
    We didnıt have the current SCCA rulebook, but there is this "thing" called Aristotle. I got 4 different explanations of how this works, none of them really contradicting the other. Essentially, you canıt perform the same action at the same intersection.  Never found it in the rulebook, and I certainly would want to find the rule before I get skunked againŠtwice.
    It was a well-turned rally, and we had a good time.  Monte had drafted Bob Morseburg to keep it clean, and they both looked quite happy that it was over.
    The dinner at the finish was pretty good, too. A new restaurant that they had watched be built during the checkouts.
    Sunday:  "Barlow Trail" was a Touring rally put together by Kevin Poirier.  This was a minor detail until I pointed out to Kisela that there was a mileaged turn at 10.79 miles, but Nationals require a RI within 5 miles of the previous RI (I knew some of the rules) We took the turn knowing that the leg would be thrown for violating the 5 mile rule. Except that the 5 mile rule, as applied today was different from Monteıs "zero at every control" rally. I got caught for about a 16 early.  Different rallymasters put on different rallys!
    The rest of the day went somewhat like that- I made more traps than Kevin ever intended by applying yesterdayıs rules.
    The drive was a pleasure. Portland isnıt hemmed in by the mountains like Seattle is- they can go west without falling into water and further east before they nose up to the Cascades.  The organizers were hampered by not having a large labor pool, and various loops to get back to the CP locations would have been tedious if we werenıt concentrating on "zeros".  ("quit looking out the window and stay on time!")
    Pity the poor rallymaster who put together a great route, fabulous instructions, superb workers: what gets the most criticism? The food! In this case, they had sack lunches waiting at a park and we had a wonderful time! Until we realized that we were supposed to drive over to some tourist site, then get back to the start in less time than we had.  Missed the sight. Falls or something like that.
    Kevin had a mean streak, too A 9 CAST into a park. Perfectly legal since the posted speed limit is 10.  We could see the CP for 45 seconds.  Never did figure out if there was a balking penalty.
    We got to a mountaintop, Multnohmah Falls, and the town of Boring. So much for touring.  
The last scores I saw had the out-of-towners winning the Course rally, as a National Rally should be. Local folks did just as well on the touring events.

June Club rallys
    This Saturdayıs Shitepoke is the classic Saturday-evening-on-Simpson-roads event.  RASC-and-friends will gather at the Shelton Park and Ride at 1:30, be set up in time for 2 runs at 5:30 and 9pm.  Sundayıs Dryad Quest runs in the same area, and starts at a civilized time. Weıll meet at 9:30, Shelton Park and Ride, for a Noon stage, and the second at 2:30.
    The whole thing finishes at 5 at the Mason County Fairgrounds,  just north of Shelton. Nolteıs going to bring the bar-b-que and some stuff to make it worth while to start it up.
    The Graffıs are off at Deer Park, building a cabin to retire to.  Roy Ward is out of the area.  Paul Appel is in France.
    New faces: Bryon Geerhart is coming out of "rally retirement" to introduce his new family to Pro-Rally. Steve Willey did the Winter Alcan, and wantıs to see the dirty side of rallysport.  Pete Shelton is thinking of bring baby Zack to his first rally.
    Carol Lewellen isnıt sure just where sheıll be, but her kids are looking forward to seeing the race cars.

* Olympusrally got cancelled for lack of entrants.
    * Jarvis Owens was riding his scooter when the front tire went flat and he flew over the handlebars. The valve stem had cracked, then leaked.
    He went to the hospital for a checkup, and is OK, just sore.
    He trashed his helmet in the process- much better than the second option!
     * The May 8 "Ski Sawmill Club" rally (North Central Pennsylvania) had a fatality.  From the press release: "Sandor Kovacs, Jr., 32, of Norwalk, Conn., was pronounced dead at the scene by the deputy coroner of Lycoming County from injuries sustained when the rally car he was navigating  - driven by Rafal Listopad, of Garfield, NJ - went off the road and hit a tree.  Listopad was airlifted to the hospital in Danville, and subsequently released with only minor injuries. "  There hasnıt been a follow-up press release since.

   € Club News
With No Alibi a two weeks away, the entries are rolling in.  8 or 10 as of a week ago.

    € For Sale
    * Pete sold the Camaro, Pathfinder, and Mazda Parts.  
    *  Œ87 RX7 for sale at $2600 and a 98 F150XLT +cab 4x4 for $18,200 (40k, CD changer, power seat & windows, etc). Also have an old Honda 50 for $75, has a 90cc motor but doesn't run) Jerry & Lucas Hines (425) 823-6343
    * '80 2.6 Plymouth Fire Arrow, and lots of rally parts, on jack stands in my garage. Excellent shell, stripped for welding in a cage.  Apart, not a roller. $500 to any Club Rally aficionado. Everything goes. Helluva' deal! "Health forces sale! Mike Jones (425) 823-8329
    * ı68 AH Sprite, 1275, roller. Race parts multiplying, must make room. Ed Millman, (206)361-7389

€  2000 RASC Calendar
 Call the NWRC Hotline (206) 256-9627 for latest info on Puget Sound TSD events.
{Where are you going to be on June 24th? Thereıs No Alibi, Mountain Trials in B.C., and Rod Johnson is meeting the "around the world rally" as it goes from Banff to northern Montana}.

* 6/ 9-  Friday Nighter/ORCA, Eastgate
* 6/10-  Shitepoke Club rally (Saturday evening)
* 6/11  Dryad Quest Club rally (Sunday afternoon)
* 6/24-  Mountain Trials stage rally, Cache Creek,  B.C.  FCO 1pm, Finish 7 pm. Martin Wilson 604.683.6517    martin@rallybc.com
* July 8-9 Goldigger TSD, B.C.
* July 15  Edge of the Rock stage rally, Nanaimo, B.C. Contact Glyn Trafford: (250)746-8282 <glyn@rallybc.com>
* 8/26-27- Coast To Coast TSD (Vancouver Island)
* Sept. 23/24  Totem TSD

Rainier Auto Sports Club
will meet this coming Monday, June 12, 2000 , at 7:30 PM at CoCo's in Bellevue,
(520 112th Ave., between the "NE 8" and "NE 4th" Exits of 405 on the west side of the Hwy.) We have a meeting room set aside in the back. Monthly meetings are the second Monday of each month. Past Members, visitors, and spectators are welcomed.
    Agenda: Just got through a Club rally weekend, No Alibi next weekend. Probably some other stuff coming up, too.  Everything didnıt make it into the WAG.

2000 Board Members:
 President: Terry Simons- 425-806-1741; Vice-President: Jerry Hines (425) 823-6343 Secretary: Pete Shelton- 206-365-4173;  Treasurer: Ed Millman (206)361-7389

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