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January, 2001

Rally News

  • Chattanooga a rally hotspot?  After a successful Divisional rally in 2000, the organizers of the Cherokee Trails are planning to have their rally reviewed for inclusion into the World Rally Championship.
  • Speedvision WRC marathon, January 1: Always eager to see how the world class professionals do it, I spent nearly the whole day watching the half-hour reviews.  It turns out, even the best do the same things we see at the "club" level. Even with pace notes, Richard Burns rolled into the trees after the Flying Finish. Tommi Makinen jumped the start of one stage (Australia?), and got penalized 10 seconds.  For reasons of strategy, Carlos Sainz didnıt want to take a fast time on a stage, so he stopped before the Stop Control.  He was disqualified, for stopping within a Control Area. Grundholm did the same thing in his Peugeot, but kept the wheels turning ever-so-slowly and wasnıt penalized. One problem we donıt have is canceling stages because of uncontrollable spectators.  I think that happened on 3 events.  I suppose forests look like forests, but a lot of those scenes could have been shot on our NW forest roads. - MN
  • Grand Canyon Tour  (TSD)  January 13/14.  Gary Webb is chairing this (from Maine!), since last spring. 250 miles.  I saw a fee of $400 for the weekend, including rooms. Web Site is: www.atlanticdrivingschool.com/gct.html
  • Worker Party - Our annual worker party will be held Saturday, January 27, 2001 at the Fort Lewis Golf Club, located off exit 116 (Mounts Road).  The menu will be fried chicken buffet.  There will be a no host bar with the rally committee purchasing a keg.  The hours are 6 pm to 10 pm.  

Club News

December Meeting notes (edited from meeting minutes provided by Pete Shelton)

  • Treasurers Report: should be approx.  $1691.86. Still have thirty or so tee-shirts left for sale
  • The new RASC Board for 2001
  • Kirk Simons President
    Gretchen Jones Vice President
    Ed Millman Treasurer
    Pete Shelton Secretary
    Terry Simons & Eric Horst Board members at large 
  • Dues for 2001: No changes in cost but senior citizen prices and wheelchair racing was discussed.  $17.00 single, 20.00 family.
  • NWRC  - Kirk and Terry plan to attend the Jan. 12th meeting at Round Table Pizza in Issaquah to represent RASC.  Several members reiterated the importance of getting our event dates finalized and advertised/dispersed just as soon as we have our dates from NWRC.
  • Meeting Place-Much was spoken about finding a new meeting site.   All members were asked to get menus and scope out any possibilities Roy Ward may have an idea for a place in Bothell.   All were OK with this but Rentonion Mark
  • Friday Niter-Eric Horst  volunteered to be Rallymaster for October 01 Friday niter.  Gretchen offered to be registrar
  • Raindrop Rally- Mark Nolte is back in the rallymaster seat No idea on a start or finish yet
  • Events- Rallycross/ Autocross/ Hillclimbs all discussed as possible new RASC sponsored events
  • From Eric Horst: At the December RASC meeting,  I volunteered to look into hosting the web site.  I talked it over with Steve Willey and we'd be happy to host the web site on our server.  The two of us as a team will also take responsibility for keeping it maintained and updated in a more timely fashion than it has in the past.  The server is collocated at 2Alpha, an ISP in downtown Seattle at the hub of all networking, the Westin Building.  It enjoys nice air conditioning, battery backed up power and full time network connectivity there.  Steve and I own the server and use it for hosting our stuff.  Given that we own the server and that network bandwidth utilization will be minimally impacted by adding RASC there wouldn't be any cost to RASC for this.  If the site gets insanely popular we might have to pay something. I will propose that we make it more official by getting a dedicated domain name for it.  That'll make it easier for the public to remember and find. It'll also make it easier if we ever have to move it.  I've been thinking to use 'rainierautosport.com' since it is memorable and available.  The cost to register the name is $35 per year with the first two years in advance.
  • The Graffs' renewed their WAG subscription. The WAG will go to their Deer Park estate, north of Spokane. In a note, Ellen seemed to imply that they were living in the garage while the house was being completed.


  • (Asked Jerry "What's new?): "Colleen's new toy (it's only fair she had a turn....), a pearl white '89 Corvette. "
  • SOVREN  (the old car racing and beer-drinking club) has defined "Historic" as automobiles produced after 12/31/1962, but before 12/31/69.  "Vintage" is defined as automobiles produced after 12/31/1940 and on or before 12/31/1962.
  • From the rally list :
    • Found a note on the Nokian web page http://www.nokiantires.com/ (under the product line FAQ) that offers suggested tire pressures for their snow tires:
      'How much air pressure should I have in my Nokian winter tires?
      'All of the Nokian winter tires have a safety warning on the sidewall that states: MAX INFLATION PRESSURE 44 PSI. This means that this is the highest pressure allowable. Most cars, vans and SUV's do not need this much air pressure. Please use the following as a general guideline: "Nokian Winter Tires should have a 3 PSI more pressure than the car manufacturer's recommendations on the front axle, and the rear axle should have 3 PSI more than the front axle." (e.g. recommended 24 psi, front 27 psi, rear 30 psi.)'

For Sale

  • 98 Ford F150.  4WD, XLT, Supercab Green, Alloy wheels, bedliner, running boards AT, AC, Power windows & locks. Factory tape & CD changer, power driver's seat. 44,000 miles, runs like new.  Bargain at $17,900 Jerry Hines 425.823.6343 / 206.227.6343
  • Nice House (Shoreline)- Recent improvements. Want to move to Phinney Ridge/Greenlake. $225K Pete & Amy Shelton (206)365-4173
  • RX3, 170 hp, street car, needs paint real bad. Driveable. $950. Moving, must sell. Pete Shelton (206)365-4173
  • '88 Cavalier, Burgundy over grey, 4 cyl/auto. 120K mi.  $800 obo (!), Pete Shelton (206)365-4173
  • Anybody got a home for a Fram air cleaner to fit an RX7?  I've got one that is one step from the trash. Nolte, 425-226-3155

RASC Calendar

  • Call the NWRC Hotline (206) 256-9627 for latest info on Puget Sound TSD events.
    Round 2- The SCCA Divisional Runoffs lost their venue, and NW Region volunteered to host the event. In order to make it all happen, the Rally Committee cancelled Doo Wops I & II, a pulled the date of the Doo Wop 3 & 4 up a week to March 3/4.
    1/20 - NW Region SCCA Awards Banquet - Emerald Downs Racetrack
    1/27 - Workers Party, Location TBA  1/26 ­ 1/26   SnoDrift PRORally
    2/17/18-  Thunderbird
    2/10-11 - Doo Wop I & II, Cancelled
    3/2-3 - Doo Wop/ Divisional Runoffs, Montesano Brooklyn Tavern/Smith Creek (Club Rally)
    3/15-17 - Cherokee Trails, Tennessee
    4/7-8 - Oregon Trail, Tillamook (PRORally)
    4/21-22 - Heart Of Darkness, B.C.
    4/22  - Litter Clean-up (MP 99-101)
    5/4-5 - Rim of the World (PRORally)
    4/28 ­ (SCCA Natıl TSD)  Pittsburgh, PA (Course)
    4/29  Raindrop TSD
    5/5 (SCCA Natıl TSD) Wisconsin Glacier Trails VI (Tour), Richland Center, WI
    5/19 (SCCA Natıl TSD)   Beaver Cleaver (Course) Portland, OR    
    5/20 (SCCA Natıl TSD)   Barlow Trail, (Tour) Portland, OR
    5/19/20 - Big Horn stage (Alberta)
    5/26/27 - Rocky Mtn stage (Alberta)
    6/9  (SCCA Natıl TSD)   Chippewa Trail (Course) Menomonee, WI
    6/16/17 - Mt. Trails stage, B.C.
    6/1-2 - STPR (PRORally)
    6/2-3  No Alibi  TSD
    6/9-10 - Shitepoke/Dryad Quest (ClubRally)
    6/23 -(SCCA Natıl TSD) Cast In Stone,(Tour)
    6/24 - Litter Clean-up (MP 99-101)
    7/14, (SCCA Natıl TSD) The Tarheels Revisited, (Course), North Carolina
    7/15, (SCCA Natıl TSD)  Smoky Mountain Run (Tour)
    7/27-28 - Maine Forest (PRORally)
    8/4-5 - ORV Rally Sprints (ClubRally)
    8/4-5, (SCCA Natıl TSD) The Road Not Taken, (Tour) Grand Ronde, OR
    8/18, (SCCA Natıl TSD)Dawn   To Dust, (Tour), Silverthorn, CO
    8/18, (SCCA Natıl TSD)   TBA, (tour) Silverthorn, CO
    8/17-18 - Ojibwe (PRORally)
    8/26-00 - Litter Clean-up (MP 99-101) 9/2, (SCCA Natıl TSD)  Maryland Is For Crabs, (Course)
    9/7-8 - Wild West (PRORally)
    9/15-16 ­ Pacific Forest stage, B.C.
    9/22, (SCCA Natıl TSD)  Yucatan Safari, (Tour) La Crosse, WI
    9/23, (SCCA Natıl TSD)   Oktroberally, La Crosse, WI (Course )
    10/6, Johnny Appleseed, Canton, OH  (Tour )
    10/5-6 - Prescott Forest (PRORally)
    10/19-20 - Lake Superior (PRORally
    10/25, Scenic Byways,USRRC (Course ) St Louis, MI
    10/26, Great River Road, USRRC (Tour), St Louis, MO    
    10/27, Pere Marquette, USRRC (Tour), St Louis, MO
    10/28 -  Litter Clean-up (MP 99-101)
    11/ 3-4 ­ Totem TSD (B.C.)
    11/10, Thumbs Up (Tour) Imlay City

Rainier Auto Sports Club will meet this coming Monday, January 8, 2001, at 7:30 PM at CoCo's in Bellevue,  (520 112th Ave., between the "NE 8" and "NE 4th" Exits of 405 on the west side of the Hwy.) We have a meeting room set aside in the back. Monthly meetings are the second Monday of each month. Past Members, visitors, and spectators are welcomed.
   Agenda: In a panic, the WAG staff was released from the drudgery of preparing the newsletter to scour Puget Sound for a new location for the monthly Club meetings. Researching likely sites, examining menus and parking lots, sampling the food, checking tipping practices, and access routes was all part of the extensive research the staff can bring to bear when a disaster needs to be averted: moving the meeting site closer to the Arctic Circle (Kirkland comes to mind).

2001 Board Members:
President: Kirk Simons- 425-806-1741; Vice-President: Gretchen Jones (425) 823-8329 Secretary: Pete Shelton- 206-365-4173;  Treasurer: Ed Millman (206)361-7389
Members at Large: Terry Simons (425)806-1741, Eric Horst  (206)363-9752

The Wishbone Alley Gazette is published for the members and friends of Rainier Auto Sports Club. Subscription price is $10 per year.
The editor is Mark Nolte, ph. 425-226-3155. Contributions and paid/unpaid ad eagerly received at
2108 NE 12Th. St., Renton, WA 98056  or e-mail:
Rainier Auto Sports Club, P.O. Box 852, Kirkland, WA 98134



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