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October, 2001

Club News

  • New Meeting Site

Billy McHales, 4065 Factoria Blvd. SE  (425)746-1138  Its in the SE corner of Factoria Mall, at the edge of the parking lot. Best access is to get onto Coal Creek Parkway (south of I-90) then left at the Newport Way traffic signal. Left into the parking lots of the Mall, when you see it.

Tested by Mike and Gretchen Jones. Seating is in booths (!).

Rally News

  • Wild West Pro-Rally. Sept 7-8

-by Mark Nolte

Lovely day for a rally.  Nearly 60 teams started on Friday night, by time they got to our stage on Saturday, we only had to face 50 cars.  One of the casualties was the Sorem Subaru RX, with an engine problem.

The nice weather begat dust, which begat two-minute spacing.  The rally ran on schedule (when workers rebelled against the SCCA timing system, the FISA system was retained).  One Stage was "scrubbed". The story goes that the ORV Park Ranger insisted on an ambulance being present for the short stages there. When the ambulance left, that Stage was run as a Transit. The ambulance returned, and the second ORV Stage was run at speed.

RASC was handed the old "Stillwater Glen" stage, with two loops cut out.  Starting off of Highland Road, Steve Richards manned the logs, while Carol Lewellen and Sue Calvert passed the paperwork back and forth. Both had to compare the single right-hand-drive EVO to the Olympus, when you never knew which side of the cars the co-driver was on until the window was rolled down- to reveal the steering wheel!

Debbie Sjodin likes being Starter.  Even when Lucas Hines and a friend were stationed to "help" her, she insisted on counting each car down, and then getting showered with gravel. She relented a few times, and Lucas has the dusty shirt to prove it. Otherwise, he got to see the neat cars.  The frontrunners didn't reveal their secrets without some hard looking.

Road Marshals: I didn't hear any stories about happenings at the crossroads. Duane and Evan Lewellen starved when Mom was drafted to be at ATC (not?). The Jones were almost within yelling distance, at a vital intersection.

Roy Ward had Sherri and his radio for company, and chatted with Kirk Simons who was further down the road.  Whereas Rod Chelgren pleaded and begged for a good corner, and was rewarded with the acute right at the end of a long straight. He brought his British-spec Escort, which people noticed (once he got out of the woods).

 Paul and Peggy Appel had a huge crowd at the Spectator Corner. Pictures flooded the Web the next day, and Paul isn't in any of them. Darin Hansen also was assigned to that corner. So I had folks from Beaverton and Wenatchee dealing with the, uh, interesting crowd.

Jack Helm used to a fixture at the Flying Finish. Vince ran into him somewhere, and got Jack back on the worker list. Of course, things have changed- the NW Region supposed retired the land lines in favor of FRS radios, and we have clocks that freeze the time. Jack brought 3 kids, much bigger than the last time I saw them.

Tom Palidar volunteered to manage the STOP control.  His usual group begged out, so only a newbie, Greg, came down from Lynnwood with him.  One of the guys from the Subaru Impreza club, Adrian, volunteered to work the rally, and ended up with Tom. We made arrangements for Adrian to drive his WRX through the closed Stage, with Greg along to …wish he were driving.

Somewhat shorthanded (the expected volunteers from the Olympia area didn't appear), some Subaru mechanics and friends startled Tom by announcing they were going to go into the now-closed Stage.  Since someone had already gone in to hang some sort of banners, Tom had to quiz the blokes to discover that they didn't really have any authorization to go into the stage- he let them walk in.

The Stages went as expected. We did a "radio sweep" in thew 15 minutes between runs; otherwise we would have to hold things up while the EMT was off-station.

I sent everyone off to see the ORV Park, and cleaned that Stage (The Jones didn't take the offer and helped clean arrows, stakes, and a few other odds'n'ends from the road.)

One poor little Subaru tackled a rock the size of two tires, DNF'ing at that point. The HAMs had supposedly gotten word to their support crew.  We looked at the broken car for a few minutes; the Stage now deserted and quiet.  The guys were pretty bummed. The car's right front suspension was not healthy.

You know that advertisement where guys are marooned on a deserted island, in a deep funk with no prospects? Then a foxy chick appears with a cooler full of cold beer? Well, that was the look I got when I pulled out my cellular phone and asked if they wanted to call anyone. 

They got their support crew turned around and on the way. Then the car got jacked up, and using some muscle and odd parts, got the suspension back in place. They drove very carefully to pavement (one lurch and they'd have to do it all over again).  Within 15 minutes, the trailer appeared and they were…gone.

  • Pacific Forest Rally, 9/16/01

Eleven starters, 6 finishers. 

  • Friday Niter  September 14  "Don't Go There"

-by Rallymaster Eric Horst

I was naïve and thought I was too old to be drafted.  It was February I was minding my own business and enjoying the simplicity of life when I was swept up and plopped down right smack in Rallymaster bootcamp.  Truth was, I didn’t argue much.  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, right?

This was my first event as Rallymaster and I had a good time putting it together.  It was a risky proposition but I wanted to do something different from the usual routes way out East.  I’d had in mind for some time to do a semi-urban route, a route that was challenging to craft and challenging to run.  I had already scoped out Tukwila and the gentle residential roads through Allentown and areas south of Boeing Field and I couldn’t get those out of my head.  They were the seed.  The rest just grew naturally and fell into my lap in one drive on a very late Wednesday night.  I didn’t know then it was the first drive of twelve.

Of course I knew this route wouldn’t please everybody and I knew it was perilous as a first-time rallymaster but in the end I was personally very pleased with the route.  My first two reviewers agreed: “They’ll hate you…but it’s cool.”  Thus it was sealed, route chosen and the rest was as simple as a little typing.

There were 29 brave souls on Friday the 14th and the fear was no doubt with them as they sat in stopped traffic on South I-405 for the odometer check and then headed North toward downtown Renton.  But all was well, and part of my plan.  Most of them had faith and followed my plan but some made up their own.  There was, unfortunately, a hard-to-read sign or two; and a missing MBCU, which escaped the checkout.  (I also had to drag a ROAD CLOSED sign back into a freshly opened street to avoid another MBCU error.)  These tiny errors lead to some frustration especially since people don’t ever see off course markers.  There were also three Novice class cars that got lost enough in the first leg to go home and a tiny calculation error in Leg 4.  These were all disappointing as I tried to be very careful and it made the finish stressful for me.  I was, however, heartened that nearly every car saw every checkpoint and made it to the finish.  I console myself that some rallies don’t end that well.

On the positive side I was very happy that my traps worked out.  Many veterans were caught by my odometer section trap, only seven cars got my ONTO trap to stay on course and I was pleased to torture everybody with miles of CAST 25 sign counting.  I was also completely overjoyed to be told it was the most precisely measured course seen in a long time.  Back in February would I have guessed that pleasures come from such things?

I need to thank Gretchen, Mike, Kirk, Terry, Mark, and Steve for coming out to work.  Gretchen and Mike also made fabulous trophies.  I'm grateful for the assistance of Greg Hightower who double checked my route and subtleties of instructions, worked the Route Control, and worked "crowd control" at the finish.  It was a generous contribution from a non-RASC member.  Finally, everybody has done such a fine job of post-event rallymaster fluffing-up that merely three weeks later I’ve already gone daft and started thinking about routes for next year.  Lord, help my marriage.

September Minutes - by Pete Shelton

  • Treasurers report: approx. $1323.00 with most/all bills paid
  • Wild West Pro Rally: 67 cars started Friday, 49 on Saturday with some 49 finishers at the end of the event.  Lots of factory team support banners, workers t-shirts and high quality cars made an excellent event. …lots of neat stories.
  • New Meeting Place/ Restaurant: again a popular topic after current establishment double books meeting room, slow service and a requirement of one joint check hurts popularity…only savior is good beer selection.  The club voted to try Billy McHales at Factoria.
  • Friday Niter: Eric went over last minute touches.  Some recent changes after previous weeks pre- runs.  Kirk commented on good new roads. Four crews needed. Gretchen to do registration
  • Elections soon: nomination committee (Mark Nolte and Terry Simons)-same rules as previous years.  Board members chosen from non-present members (especially un-paid). Soooo pay up those membership dues and attend the next meetings.
  • T-Shirts for Sale: It was brought up that RASC still has some shirts for sale and that we need to bring them to our events.
  • Upcoming Events: were discussed including Armageddon, Bald Mtn. And Mountains to the Sea.
  • Meeting adjourned… all present: Mike, Gretchen, Kirk, Daniel, Pete, Ed, Joel, Eric, Rod, Bryon


  • From Mike Jones: "Well, unemployed as of last Friday afternoon. Looking (?) for a suitable job.  (The company) was caught in the Hi-Tech crunch, like lots of others."
  • A  quick trip to Yellowstone revealed something interesting: Montana's speed limit on freeways is 75, and all the cars with Montana plates were obeying it.


  • 1992 Audi S4 Quattro Red/Blk leather, 90k miles, Hoppen/MTM Stage 2+ engine enhancement, RS2 manifold (290+ hp), CD changer, all else stock.   $14,900.  Call Steve at (425) 337-0232 or email smrdcatman@juno.com  for pics and details.
  • Ed Millman got a '97 Taurus, wants to sell the '91 white Taurus wagon. 150K mi. $2000 (206) 361-7389
  • Mike Jones still has the collection of parts in his garage that could make somebody a dandy Fire Arrow. Make an offer. (425) 823-8329
  • 2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS.  White, 4WD, Automatic, power windows & locks, keyless entry, receiver hitch, 12-disc CD changer, other extras.  Has 19,500 miles,  with 60,000 mile factory warranty.  Just finished Alcan 2002 course survey and ran great!  $16,900 (want to sell it quickly so it's darned cheap!). Call Jerry at 206-227-6343.  Colleen wants a convertible.  The pearl white (with white 17" wheels and new tires)  '89 Corvette is offered at $9900  '94 white Plymouth Grand Voyager LE, AWD, 3.8 motor, new transmission, seats 7, dual A/C, custom wheels, 140K miles. $5900.  Call Jerry or Colleen at (206) 227-6343 or (425) 823-6343.
  • Two (2) Checkpoint Timing lights. These are "Pat Biggar Special" timing line tubes with the "delay" module so you don't get 4 flashes for 4 tires. I purchased them thinking RASC would upgrade timing techniques.  I'll keep one. $80 each
  • Subaru Impreza Wheels and tires: 15" rims don't fit over WRX brakes.  Hakka H1 studs on 4 (gold) American Racing wheels. $650    Four 15" Legacy wheels. No tires. Just one weekend of TSD on them. Make offer. mnolte@qwest.net
  • '94 Suburban for sale. New rear differential, alternator, tires, A/C compressor, updated wheels, pw, ps, pdl, rear ac, 3rd seat, recent brakes. Well kept truck and tow vehicle. $12,500 Contact Pete Shelton @206-783-5681

RASC Calendar

Call the NWRC Hotline (206) 256-9627 for latest info on Puget Sound TSD events.

  • 10/12 – Friday Niter by ORCA, Bellevue, WA
  • 10/21 - Armegeddon TSD by Chuckanut. Start in Bellingham, noonish, 4-5 hours. Might have some gravel, but Healey, Miata, Mitsubishi "OK".
  • 10/27 – Ghoul’s Gambol (TSD)
  • 10/28 -  Litter Clean-up (MP 99-101)
  • 11/ 24-25 – Totem TSD (B.C.)


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