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September, 2002 

Rally News

* Alcan – Successful, everyone happy. If you bet on Kraushaar/Richardson/Eklund, you lose. Webb/Mooers/Kiesela had overall low score of 65, while the WRX team had an unreliable “A” box (Alfa?) for 94 points.

8 motorcycles: Didn’t really expect 45 degree temperatures, TSD’ing alone is a challenge. They got into the motels late, had to get up early. If the route weren’t (mostly) so scenic, 5000 miles standing on the pegs would be a bummer. Yes there are scores, but they’re all winners.

The story goes that the two Italians in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer decided to go to Anchorage. They quit the rally and headed west when the rally went north.

Brian Farnsworth supported the Alcan in the past by arranging sponsorship. This time, he got to run the thing, with Joel Wright navigating. In a Volvo V70 XC “press” car.

One team came all the way down from Yellowknife to run the entire rally. For the one-day rally stopover.they made arrangements for a car wash, then showed off the cars, and even arranged tours. 

One DNF- the ’98 Subaru of Douthit/Ligot/ Murphy rolled. It was stripped and left behind, far, far from civilization. Patricia Murphy  (KUOW afternoon host) was in the back seat of this year's sacrifice to the rally gods. .

(Our record after 18 years and 1,550,000 vehicle miles is now 5 cars written off, but 4 of the 5 were press vehicles…on summer events.)

Faces we seldom see reappeared- Barb Raemer and Milt & Gay Moorehead did Registration. Jerry Lietch was one of CP crews. Wayne Moddison is still around- occupying the right seat of Kevin Barrow’s pickup as Sweep. Steve Richards talked Ken Maytag into doing checkpoints with him for a few days.

Jerry did it with Colleen in the right seat- and two 10-year-olds in the backseat!

* The Wild West stage rally is a stretching the talents of the “rally group” organization. So far, all the bannerguard has been used up and new stakes were purchased.

The rally circus is in Tumwater. Many local entries make up the 67 or so entry.

Unlike past years, it runs on Saturday and Sunday. 13 stages, ranging from the 1.20 mile ORV park to a 23-mile enduro.

* The Road Not Taken, Daylight Version

By Ron Sorem © 2002

August 10, 2002 - - Spirit Mountain Casino and Resort - - Grand Ronde, Oregon

The starting grid had spaces marked out for the even numbered cars, two-minute spacing due to the dust and traffic, and 2 through 84 were nearly full.  Only 3 cars of the registered 42 did not start.  The remaining 39 would travel 235 miles of notoriously Twisty Roads in the SiuslawNational Forest of western Oregon, compliments of the Twisty Roads Rally Group.  The Road Not Taken rally emerged in 1993 and was to be run this year as an all daylight version, as part of the SCCA National Tour and as round two of the Pacific Coast Challenge series.

The first section, “Every Journey Begins With A Single Step”; ours was taken 24 minutes after Car Zero and out into the “Blacktop Jungle” where after just 11 miles the rally said goodbye to paved roads, climbing the gravel toward the headwaters of Agency Creek and the Three Rivers.  Only 22-odd miles into the rally competitors were greeted by the first double-caution, “Blind crest into downhill tight corner. Exposure.Road narrows at exit.Loose surface”.  …what else is new?  Five miles later another double-caution for “Tight.Steep downhill approach” and a note to expect oncoming rally traffic.  We were early in the start order and did not see another car, yet.  Another 10 miles of twists and turns and another double-caution, “Over crest.  Tightens.  Hidden exposure”.  And later, “steep downhill ON the road - - steeper downhill OFF the road”.  Rallyists best pay attention here.  These are typical TRNT roads, very fun at even the 24 or 25 average.

A brief return to paved roads led to the Bible Creek Hillclimb, where our arrival dovetailed with their lunch break, and after surveying the parking lot paddock full of street cars, autocross cars, open wheel racers and ProRally cars, our rally cars pulled the hill at a mild 35mph.  Next was “Whipup Flat”, a single lane paved stretch, and a rest break at SheridanPeak in the NestuccaRiver watershed (only a stone’s throw from BaldMountain, although not the namesake for the next round of PCC).

A loop brought the rally back to previously used roads, this time in the opposite direction, with a different feel, and after 100-plus miles we returned to our “Oasis” at SpiritMountain.

Some 38 miles after lunch, after more twisty gravel, we were treated to a short stretch of highway at 48 mph on the Little Nestucca River Road -- the fasted speed so far.  The Section was named Buccaneer and had the question “how much will you give us for this corn?”  I’d guess that would be about “a buck an ear!”  The puns were mixed in with the information and drivers may or may not have been treated to the twisted humor to go along with the twisted roads.

Section 10, “32ft/sec2”, put the rally back into the woods at 25, 26, and 27 mph hoping the gravity of exposures wouldn’t really allow terminal velocity.    Then Section 11 for the triple-caution “Tightens, and road narrows at exit, with inspiring exposure”, and another triple-caution downhill “Very steep, tight corner.  Road narrows at exit, with spectacular exposures at road edge” followed by “Grand exposure on both sides for awhile”.  Last time I ran this event in 2000 I lost two tires on this section.

A paved section through Beaver Oregon, North on 101, and West into the woods above Sandlake for the spectator hairpin at a 5-way intersection.  The note said:  “Real rally drivers don’t use reverse!”  Reverse is a must if there is not enough power and no rear e-brake.  We were treated to spectacular views to the west with the ocean fog rolling in.  Another triple-caution:  “Downhill, off-camber, exposure”.  Then back to 101 South to Hebo, which was well patrolled, and East on 22 at an un-TRNT 53 mph for some 15 miles over the crest of the Coast Range, then slowly returning to a more welcome 26 onto the gravel for 8 miles to Agency Creek “end of gravel for TRNT 2002” but not the end of the checkpoints as we were not yet “out of the woods”.  The final control, on pavement, caught some competitors off their guard, as after nearly 11 hours, fatigue and a lapse of concentration were unwelcome passengers.

Testament to the high level of competition, First Overall and First SCCA Equipped was 37 points, shared by THREE teams:  Bob Moresburg, Seattle WA / Monte Saager, Hillsboro OR in a Subaru Impreza; Michael Daily and Steve Pfau, Seattle WA in a VW Jetta; and the long-distance team of Rod Johnstonbaugh, Wadsworth OH / Jack von Kaenel, Arlington VA in an Eclipse, driven to the event.  Following these three were Lee Sorenson, Fair Oaks CA / Rod Sorenson, Elk Grove CA in a Subaru Impreza 2.5RS with 51, then Ryan Barker, Puyallup WA / Max Vaysburd, Redmond WA in another 2.5RS with 60.

Limited class was no less competitive, won by another long-distance team of Dave Jameson, Wilder KY / Karl Broberg, Tucson AZ in a rally rental with 68; pressed closely by Ron Sorem, Renton WA / Paul Westwick, Vancouver BC in the Subaru RX with 71; and the up-and-coming team of Dan Comden, Lake Forest Park WA / Marvin Crippen, Seattle WA in the surprising Chevy Tahoe with 107.

SCCA Stock or SOP was won by Rob Marssdorf, BeavertonOR / Loren Jahraus, Lake OswegoOR; followed by Bruce and Janice Tabor, West Linn OR; and Vasco de Pinna, ShorelineWA / Michael Gilmore, Lake Forest ParkWA.

 Crews came from all over the country, (and in our case one from Canada,) including Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Arizona, Utah, California, Washington and Oregon.  Teams were treated to a great event, a safe event and a well-administered event.  The organizers brought together rallyists, HAM radio clubs from McMinnville and SalemOregon, the US Forest Service, Spirit Mountain Resort and local businesses to provide an event that should be on everyone’s to-do list.

“Two roads diverged in a yellowed wood… I took the one less traveled…” Robert Frost would be pleased.

* AnAugust Rally, by Chuckanut Sports Car Club ran around the Bellingham environs on August 24. A good tour, it got to BirchBay, where club members own a little store and handed out surprisingly good snow cones to the rallyists. Then past some place rich called Semiahmoo (“Look- another Lexus!”).

The coastline had been viewed, so over to flatlands around Linden. Finished in south Bellingham.

Clean, and the CP crews seemed to get the times right. The breaks came up conveniently, with just the right amount of time. A nice 4-hour rally.-MN

Club News

August meeting notes  (Thanks to Vince)

Meeting called to order by President Mike Jones at around 19:30 hr.

No minutes of the last meeting. 

Treasurers report, aprox. $1200.00 in the bank. No one has received a statement from the bank yet this month.  It was noted that NO ALIBI cleared $489.00.

OLD BUSINESS: ORVPark Club Rally Report: It was a typical ORVPark event, nice on Saturday with rain and mud on Sunday.

Report on the WAG: Every thing OK.

NEW BUSINESS: Wild West Pro Rally: RASC has one stage each day. Each stage will be run only once. Workers are needed for each day.

ALCAN 5000 Report: All in control.

Forbes.com has an Alcan 5000 story on its web site. Camera crew will cover as part of an AlCan Highway story.

Meeting adjourned around 21:00 hr.


* Border crossing: No one got delayed crossing the border. Either the Canadian Customs were very aware of the rally, or everyone had an “honest face”.  I didn’t have any trouble getting back into the US. - MN

* Working a checkpoint on the second day of Alcan, I parked and waited. Didn’t look around too much. It turned out that my location was just before a hairpin left, somewhat downhill, and on gravel. I realized this when I heard the vehicles struggle to make the deceptive turn.

One motorcycle didn’t quite make it. He went into the trees.

He was sort of OK –but his wrist took some “stress”. (It was broken! He had a small operation and rejoined the rally as a van passenger later)

(…and get this- his Mom and wife flew up to Vancouver from Los Angeles, rented a car, and made sure he was OK. Since they were “here’, they did some sightseeing and ended up at the awards banquet.)

Rally Sweep and the motorcycle sweep were close behind. We all looked at the wrist and wondered.

No one had a “cold pack”. I have one- in my pickup. Felt sort of sheepish, since a sprain is about the most likely reason the break out the first aid kit, after Band-Aids and aspirin.

I now carry one (It’s $2 at REI) in my car’s kit. - MN

* The Hines household got rid of the Corvette, and now has a green ’99 Audi Avant.

* Dave Folker got his Ham license- KD7SMT.


* FOR SALE: 1993 GMC Vandura, 1-ton window van.  This is a big one (12' from engine cover to rear doors), has 120k with a new trans at about 95K and new brakes this year.  Great service van, well maintained, 350 V8, AT, 33-gallon tank.  (Ex Seattle Times deliver van, Ex Alcan film van...)

Call Jerry (206-227-6343), it's a bargain at $2350.00!

* 1957 Chev Belair.   350cu V8, th400 auto.  Turquoise and Ivory 2dr post with 17" polished Torque Thrust wheels.  New brakes, radiator, fuel pump/tank, carb, intake, headers, flowmaster custom exhaust, + many other misc. Interior and Exterior beautifully restored.   No Disappointments.  $18,500.  Contact Pete Shelton 206 783-5681 or email at paaz@peoplepc.com

* Wanted- Ring & Pinion for 2.6 Fire Arrow. , Mike Jones, 425-823-8329

NW Rallyists’ Calendar

• Call the NWRC Hotline (206) 256-9627 for latest info on Puget Sound TSD events.

  • Sept. 1Rallycross, Oregon
  • Sept 7/8           Wild West PRO-Rally
  • Sept 10             Kananaskis Rally AB, (stage)
  • Sept 13             Friday Nighter     TS
  • Sept. 14            SOVREN Guild Rally (Gimmick), $20/person. (Southcenter to Tacoma) Pre-Register w/ Shirley: starracntg@aol.com or (425)747-6458.
  • Sept 20             Fri Niter (Portland)
  • Sept 19 – 22 _ BC Classic Rally, AldergroveBC (Classic Rally Rules explained at:
  • http://www3.telus.net/bmw/bcclassicrally/rallyrules.htm) Although the intention is to bring out Classic Cars of any vintage, this event is open to newer sporting vehicles as well.
  • The details:
  • http://www3.telus.net/bmw/bcclassicrally/sept_2002_bc_classic_rally.htm
  • The EarlyBird entry fee of $190us or $300can  BC Classic Web Page at:
  • http://www.bcclassicrally.com
  • Sept 20             Friday Nighter (Portland)
  • Sept. 29            Rallycross, Oregon
  • Oct 5                 Night On Bald Mtn TSD, ORCA Reg 2PM, SnoqualmiePass, FCO 4:01. $35, http://www.teamhightower.com/nwrc/nobm/nobm.htm
  • Oct 5-6             Reno Rally (stage)  NV
  • Oct 5-6             Mt Trials Rally (stage) Cache Creek, BC
  • Oct 11              Friday Nighter     RASC


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