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October, 2002      

Late braking news (I always spell it that way) : The demise of the Factoria Billy McHale's forces a change of meeting venue. Café Veloce' at TotemLake will host the October meeting.

Rally News

* Alcan – Post Rally: The October 14 (current) issue of Forbes magazine has a pretty good review on pages 236-7.

Patricia Murphy’s Alcan report took a brief 25 minutes in the 9:30 to 10Am spot on KUOW. Good interviews, although rather general.

 The Wild West stage rally: Saturday was just as bright and cheerful as it gets, despite the vast numbers of rain dances “exercised” during the week. With 2 minute spacing, the “Cranberry Marsh” stage was hot from 12:30 until 2:50

Last minute worker appearances fleshed out the stage coverage, with the dozen of intersecting roads covered. Mark Simons showed up in a familiar-looking Mitsubishi VR4; when Mike Jones asked, “Are you taking good care of it?" I realized why (his old car…).  Mark and Marvin Crippen worked ATC, checking the cars in. The Stage Captain made his only public mistake of the weekend, waving in the stragglers to close the gaps that appeared. OK if he hadn’t waved in the whole last half!

Jim Hogan accepted Starter duties, and was assisted by three young enthusiasts (Durel Radaucau, John Butler, and Tyler Liwamag) who’d never been this close to a rally car before, hence didn’t understand about cars throwing rocks for a while. Jim sat on a lawn chair calling the time as he read it either from his GPS or his clock, as one of the three waved the car off (the other two catching the moment on video).

Road Marshals had it pretty good. Mike & Gretchen Jones were only 3/4 mile into the stage, so they probably heard the cars start. Joe McLaughlin and Gordon Taylor were all along at their assigned spots, with with no civilian visitors.

Dave Smith (N7LOU) was at the old spectator corner; Sid Brown and Mark /Kim Owens were assigned just in case the gate got opened and a mob of spectators came to watch- none did.

Way out, 7 miles into the 16 mile stage, Roy Ward (KA7RZL) and Sherri had a good corner to watch as well at the comforts of getting fresh dust every time a car went by. Of course, I could say the same for the Lewellen clan and Steve Willey (KD7GXO) who didn’t complain, so maybe the wind was blowing in their favor.

I placed Dan Lester and his wife at a corner that was extremely unlikely to have civilian traffic. But it was their first time, so “let ‘em see the rally cars”. They got a good look of a WRX doing a barrel roll through the stumps, the only notable DNF for the stage.

Ron Sorem was at the gravel pit, where the rally cars took some peculiar lines through the loose stuff, avoiding things that were and weren’t there!

Ken and Sue Lingbloom came all the way from Bellingham to be workers- in this case at the Finish end of the stage. Ken handled Flying Finish with a new guy who turned out to be good at something else…

Sue Calvert brought her friend Diane Good along to see what this rally stuff was all about. Ended up with two Sue’s at the Stop Control.

After the stage was over, everyone took off to see other parts of the rally. It took 3 hours to pull the arrows and bannerguard down.

Sunday was totally different. A new stage, called "Eells Hill" was put together north of the Sort Yard, and on the low rolling hills behind the Shelton dump. It was also raining.

Steve Richards volunteered to be the ATC, and decided he could do it best from inside his car. Sid Brown (another visitor from Idaho) passed the paperwork back and forth.

Once again, I had the luxury of making sure every road was covered with a Road Guard. Jim Hogan and Dan Comden were posted at a very acute right turn, more to get pictures of the excitement than to provide aid if someone misjudged the corner. As it was, the majority of the rallyists took it very gently.

Eric and Diana Horst brought their two kids, so I put them where Eric’s HAM radio could alert us to an incident, plus give the kids a thrill. The kids splashed in a few puddles, watched cars go by, then took a nap.

Sue Calvert brought Diane back to see what it looked like on a stage, and Larry Miller, who’d heard about this rally stuff and wanted to see a rally. I put them at a 90 left turn. The story goes that they watched the first few cars approach and it really didn’t seem like the cars had any intention of slowing down for the corner until the last moment. “Makes your toes curl- even when you’re standing on tippy-toe”.

Steve Willey's spot was a mid-point HAM, since his area was famous for swallowing cars. He must have done something right, since they all got by him.

The Stage intercepted the 808 Mainline at two points- with the Lewellen crew (Duane, Sam, and Evan) protecting one end, and Dave Smith (N7LOU) at the other. Dave Folker had his new HAM license (KD7SMT), so he and Jay Shukla blocked the road with the Toyota pickup.

Ron Sorem likes to watch cars, mentally assigning “style points” as each goes by. He had a lonely spot that turned out to have a backside access, so he wasn’t alone. Asked about the “style points”, he said it wasn’t a very good place to grade them.

As expected, the Spectator Corner was mobbed. Mark & Kim Owens, guided by Mike Jones, confined the 250+ fans away from the hot areas, and the rallyists put on a good show at the 90 left corner.

Jarvis Owens worked the Flying Finish all by himself. He said it was interesting- hard to believe with a momentary view of the rally cars and concentrating on catching their time.

Mark Simons and Gordon Taylor manned the STOP control. They both complained (with a grin) that the rallyists’ brakes stunk and steamed up the place.

After it was all over, Jay Shukla, Dave Folker and I were just getting ready to lock the gate and leave. Word came over the HAM radio that a spectator was still waiting for his tow truck.

We headed upstage to find the spectator and his car, the latter much toed-out. I headed to the gate and barely got it open as the tow truck arrived.

It took some effort, but Jay and the truck driver got the car onto his flatbed, while Dave and I discussed drywall over the radio!

Scott and Bob Trinder win the 2002 Mountain Trials Rally

The podium represented BC, Alberta and Washington State. Scott & Bob (BC)  were 1st Overall & 1st Production Over in a 98 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS,  Janusz Komorowski/Keith Morison (Alberta) 2nd Overall & 1st Open in their 92 Eagle Tallon TSI, and Ross Foster/Alan Perry (WA)  3rd Overall and 1st Novice in a 88 Mazda 323 GTX. Mt Trials had 17 starters and 12 finishers.  1st Group 2 was was a tie - Carey Wright/Dave Kean RX7 and Noah Third/Jason Lane Golf GTI. 1st Production Under was Martin Wilson/Dennis Wende Subaru Justy

Club News

The election season is coming around, and RASC will hold it's own in November. The RASC method is to elect a Board, and officers are chosen from that group, with the exception of Treasurer (who retains position until there is enough money in the bank to justify fleeing to Brazil.).

Nominations are made at the October meeting. If you wish to hold club office, please let the President know who will pass your name on to the Nominating Committee.

September meeting notes:

Treasurer's report:  Ed talked to the bank.  They screwed up and had the wrong post office box number.  It is now supposed to be fixed.

Mark sold six rolls of old bannerguard for $10 per roll.

In the bank: $1803.11.

Alcan 5000: Results posted on the web.  Jerry also passed info around at the meeting.

Seven entries already for 2004. Good stuff reported in the press.  Successful event overall.

Wild West Pro Rally: Mark reported that the event went very well.

Steve Willey went to "Mountains to the Sea" in coastal areas of the Columbia River.  He reported it was fun, he fell for every trap.  He thinks tour rallies shouldn't be trappy.

Chuckanut "an AUGUST rally" was August 24th.  Jim Hogan and Marvin Crippen of RASC took 3rd Equipped.

"The Road Not Taken" in Oregon was August 10th.  Eric and Steve went and had fun.  Dan Comden and Marvin Crippen won 3rd Equipped.

Friday Niter: The RASC-hosted Friday Niter is October 11th.  Rallymaster is Eric Horst. All in control.

Alfa Club 2005 National Convention in 2003:  they’d like a “rally” for the crowds. RASC could offer to put one together.  


* FOR SALE: 1993 GMC Vandura, 1-ton window van.  This is a big one (12' from engine cover to rear doors), has 120k with a new trans at about 95K and new brakes this year.  Great service van, well maintained, 350 V8, AT, 33-gallon tank.  (Ex Seattle Times deliver van, Ex Alcan film van...)

Call Jerry (206-227-6343), it's a bargain at $2350.00!

* 1957 Chev Belair.   350cu V8, th400 auto.  Turquoise and Ivory 2dr post with 17" polished Torque Thrust wheels.  New brakes, radiator, fuel pump/tank, carb, intake, headers, flowmaster custom exhaust, + many other misc. Interior and Exterior beautifully restored.   No Disappointments.  $18,500.  Contact Pete Shelton 206 783-5681 or email at paaz@peoplepc.com

* Wanted- Ring & Pinion for 2.6 Fire Arrow. , Mike Jones, 425-823-8329

NW Rallyists’ Calendar

• Call the NWRC Hotline (206) 256-9627 for latest info on Puget Sound TSD events.

Oct. 11        Friday Nighter by RASC Reg 6;45, FCO 7:31. Start: Eastgate (Bellevue) Park & Ride

Oct. 12/13  -Port Orford TSD - SCCA Divisional The Oregon Rally Group announces an SCCA Divisional touring rally using mostly paved roads.  Historic entries are encouraged.

The rally will use a Run-Work concept with cars starting at 2 minute intervals.  The first car to the control location stops and works, then continues on as the last car. The event has a mix of passage and open controls - a format used with great success on the Barlow Trail SCCA National Touring rally.

A Saturday dinner for competitors in being sponsored by the Port Orford Chamber of Commerce.  The rally starts in Wilsonville, overnites in Port Orford, and then returns to the Willamette Valley area Sunday.  Entry fee to include "rally plate", shirt for both driver/co-driver, Sunday breakfast and Sunday evening awards banquet.

For more information: Oregon Rally Group.

Oct. 19 - The Mount Hood ClubRally.

The purpose of the 2002 Mount Hood ClubRally is to introduce the US Forest Service and Mount Hood National Forest to the SCCA and Oregon Rally Group, and to demonstrate the impact of a performance rally to the forest and local community.

Oct. 25  Ghouls Gambol XXXVI Halloween Road Rally- Oregon

Oct 31 Wild West on the Speed Channel -The first broadcast is set for Thursday evening, at 8:30 PM (Pacific Time).  The second telecast is planned for Saturday afternoon, November 2 at 2:30 PM. 

Nov 2- Armageddon TSD by Chuckanut SCC. Reg 2:30, FCO 3:31, Finish 9-ish. $25 before Oct. 23, $35 “late”. Some gravel. Start Alaska Ferry Terminal, exit 250 from I-5.


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