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May, 2009 Rainier Auto Sports Club

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RASC Calendar

British Columbia & Washington TSD

May 8- Friday Nighter, by ORCA, Bellevue, WA
May 31- All City Rally, Corvettes de Olympia,, (gimmick)
June 6-7- No Alibi TSD by RASC, eastern Washington
June 12- Friday Nighter, by ORCA, Bellevue, WA
July 10- Friday Nighter, by PSRC, Bellevue, WA
July 18- Sno-Git VI, TSD by ORCA, Marysville, WA
July 25-- Gold Digger TSD, Whistler, B.C.
Aug 14-Friday Nighter, Bellevue, WA
Aug 28/30- Crestline Trail, IRC, BC
Sept 11 -Friday Nighter, Bellevue, WA
Sept 19- 'Heart of Darkness", Kamloops, BC
Oct 3- Night on Bald Mountain, ORCA
Oct 9- Friday Nighter by RASC, Bellevue, WA
Oct 31- "Midnight" by IRC, Vancouver Island, BC
Nov. 7- Monster's Revenge" by Chuckanut, Bellingham
Nov 21/22- Totem , Cache Creek, BC


May 3- Oregon Rally Group Rally Cross, OR
May 29- Primitive Rally School, OR
May 31- Oregon Rally Group Rally Cross, OR
June 14 - Father's Day RX, ORV Park, PRG
June 26- ORG & SCCA National RallyX, WA
Aug 8 - PRG, "Ray Rambler" & "Janice's Jaunt", Montesano
Aug 23- Oregon Rally Group Rally Cross, OR
Sept 20-Oregon Rally Group Rally Cross, OR
Oct 11- Oregon Rally Group Rally Cross, OR

Oregon TSD

May 3- AROO TSD, Sylvan, OR
May 31- AROO TSD, Sylvan, OR
June 5- Friday Night Road Rally, Milwaukie, OR
July 3- Friday Night Road Rally, Milwaukie, OR
Aug 1/2- Oregon 1000 , SCCA, Portland
Aug 14- Friday Night Road Rally, Milwaukie, OR
Aug 15- "Rally Against Parkinson's", PIR, Portland, OR
Aug 22- Mountains to the Sea, CSCC
Sept 4- Friday Night Road Rally, Milwaukie, OR
Sept 19-"Oregon Trailblazer", CSCC, Milwaukie, OR
Oct 2- Friday Night Road Rally, Milwaukie, OR
Oct 31- Ghouls Gambol, Portland

Stage Events

May 15-16- Oregon Trail, Hillsboro, OR
June 13/14-Mountain Trials, Merritt, B.C
July 9- Idaho Rally/ RallyMoto, Mountain Home, ID
Sept 24/27-Wild West, PRG, Pomeroy, WA
Oct 1/3- Pacific Forest Rally, Merritt, B.C.
Oct 24 -Mt Hood/moto, Odell, OR

Other events of interest

May 23-28 -Targa Canada West;
June 20-21- Columbia Gorge Classic Rally & Tour, Portland, OR
June 25/28- Classic Motorcar Rally, Victoria, BC
July 3-6- Historic Races, Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA
Aug 6/9 - "Northwest Classic Rally" by AROO, pre-1981 cars, Portland, OR
Sept 12/19- Targa Newfoundland, St. Johns, NF

Rainier Auto Sports Club will meet this coming Monday, May 11 at 7:30 PM at Cafe Veloce at the Totem Lake shopping center. Best way I can think of to get there via north on I-405, take the "NE 124th" exit, then keep right under NE 124th and straight at the signal. This puts you on Totem Lake Blvd, not whatever the frontage road is next to I-405. Then right first poss, with the Cafe on your right at that point.

Monthly meetings are the second Monday of each month. Past Members, visitors, and spectators are welcomed.

Agenda: Gathering resources for No Alibi. Also detailed reports on road conditions in the rally's area. Dan Comden will read minutes of the April meeting. Treasurer Steve "Mats Mats" will be able to report the profit from Raindrop. A poll of members not present to determine who'll chair the Friday Niter.

2009 Board Members:

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