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Updated 4/30/2008

Raindrop Rally 2008

This year Raindrop departed from the usual Monte Carlo style TSD tour of previous years. The 2008 Raindrop was a hybrid event, combining the familiar instruction format of the Monte Carlo tour (TSD section / Transit section) with the route following challenges of the Friday Nighter or trap rally. This was perhaps a more difficult event than past Raindrop Rallies, yet the novices did okay. This was a great opportunity to test your chops on a more “trappy” event. The rally ran approximately 110 miles and 3-1/2 hours in length. Trophies were awarded in Unlimited, Equipped, SOP and Novice classes.

Yes, there were traps, however, only the first checkpoint in each TSD section will be manned. All remaining checkpoints in that section were of the Do-It-Yourself variety reducing the urgency to make up lost time caused by careful route following. Traps were designed to be self-correcting. Mileages were given only sparingly and (when shown in parentheses) are were to be considered as reference only due to the possibility of you having been on an off-course loop. The written instruction will always prevail.

Date: Sunday, April 27, 2008.

Start Location: South Everett at the Furniture Factory Outlet, 9900 19th Ave SE.

Finish Location: Alfy's Pizza, Smokey Point.

Rallymaster: Steve RichardsOverall winners

From The Rallymaster:

Thank you all for participating and special thanks to the workers:  from RASC; Eric Horst, Marvin Crippen, Dan Comden, Ron Sorem, Mark Nolte, and our good friends from the Chuckanut club;  Ken and Sue Lingbloom and Steve Perret and Kathryn Hansen.

Steve Richards, RM


Car # Competitors Class Total O/A by Class
*: An error in class was discovered just after scores were finalized, as a result both Car #17 and Car #13 were given third place trophies.
7Marinus Damm & Renee DammUNL6211
8Don Gibson & Mike WorkmanUNL21422
1April Smith & Kevin PoirierUNL31233
2Pat Biggar & Jack HeppesUNL33044
12Samuel Robinson & Pam RobinsonSOP69171
5Dave Sacry & Kathy SacrySOP75282
10Joel McLaughlin & Chris RinghoferSOP919103
16Lonna Thompson & Curt ThompsonSOP957114
9Dan Morley & Kay MorleySOP1168145
4Harold Dittman & Susan EverettSOP1200166
14Dana Swanson & Michelle SwansonNOV54461
11Benjamin Thompson & Eric HobbsNOV76992
17Yenel Yildirim & Mehmet SaydagNOV1072123*
13Pam Rorvig & Mike RorvigNOV1087134*
15Tyson James Bichler & Nate CaryNOV1171155
3Mike Daily & Tom PalidarEQU41551

Detailed checkpoint results available here

Rally Synopsis:

Take a look at the Raindrop Rally Synopsis, in PDF format, which describes the route and traps.