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No Alibi Rally 2002

No Alibi is a TSD touring rally in the Grand Tour tradition.  A challenge of driving accuracy and navigational skills in a friendly two-day competition for driver and co-driver. The rally covered 591 miles of paved and smooth gravel roads through the scenic Cascade Mountains and Eastern Washington. 

This third running of the rally started at Snoqualmie Summit, East of Seattle and proceeded across the Cascade Mountains perusing the environments around such places as Cle Elum, Quincy, Soap Lake, Wilbur and Reardon before ending the day in Spokane for the night. Sunday we headed back west through areas such as Cheney, Harrington, Wilson Creek, Ephrata and finished in Wenatchee in the early afternoon.

Date: June 1-2, 2002

Rallymaster:  Kirk Simons

A Word From The Rallymaster:

A time of reflection.

It is now a day after the rally and my stress level has receded. I think back on the preparation for No Alibi as being a challenging task, but also fun. It is great to get out and meet new people, see new things and finding new roads is the best part of all. There is also no greater satisfaction when the day of the event, everything has come together and I can pretty much stand back and let our workers do the rest. My hat is off to our workers. I planned out 34 checkpoints for the rally and we scored every one. They did a great job!

Out of the 23 cars and trucks that started, including four 1969 and 1970 Saab Sonnets, all finished having survived two days and 600 miles of rallying on paved and smooth gravel roads that at times had some brisk sections to them. Unfortunately, there were some flat tires, mechanical problems and one team had an untimely encounter with a deer, but everyone overcame these obstacles and continued on to the finish. This is the true sense of rallying. Congratulations to all the class winners and Lee Sorenson and Rod Sorenson for the overall victory in their 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS.

I am looking forward to getting out and exploring all new roads to be used on next years No Alibi. Keep visiting Rainier's web site, we will keep it updated with new information on next years rally. Thanks again for attending this years No Alibi rally. Hope to see you out at upcoming rally's.

Kirk Simons; No Alibi Rally Master.





Team Vehicle Class Total O/A
7 Lee Sorenson / Rod Sorenson 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS UNL 34 1
1 Satch Carlson / Russ Kraushaar 1969 Saab Sonett II V4 UNL 41 2
6 Steve Richards / Gary Reid 2002 Subaru Impreza OB Spt UNL 67 5
12 Teresa Davenport / Rusty Link 1968 Saab Sonett UNL 195 7
9 Guy Recordon / David Recordon 1969 Saab Sonett UNL 1686 19
2 Bob Chandler / Michael Chandler 1989 Mazda MX6 UNL 1896 21
23 Rebecca Rocks / Dennis Gunn 1969 Saab Sonett UNL 4551 23
4 Mike Daily / Steve Pfau 1984 VW Jetta EQU 63 3
11 Ron Sorem / Max Vaysburd 1988 Acura Integra EQU 65 4
15 Dan Comden / Marvin Crippen 1994 Chevrolet Blazer EQU 185 6
13 Tom Palidar / Brian Palidar 1984 VW GTI EQU 260 8
18 Michael Garvais / Kim Prater 1989 Toyota MR2 EQU 330 11
25 John Cain / Pam Cain Subaru Legacy EQU 2257 22
16 Vasco de Pinna / Kevin Mullins 1997 Subaru Legacy SOP 315 9
22 Wade Pennington / Page Palmer 2000 Land Rover Discovery SOP 323 10
3 Eric Muller / Michael Workman 1989 BMW 325ix SOP 821 16
20 Ryan Douthit / Aaron Bartel 1992 Subaru Legacy Turbo SOP 893 17
10 Taylor Van Vleet / Holly Odegard 1992 Honda Accord NOV 378 12
8 Steve R. Perret / Kathryn S. Hansen 1986 Subaru GL10 NOV 400 13
14 Sasha Horst / Nicole Nuber 1993 Subaru Loyale NOV 482 14
5 Jeremy Stewart / Holly Stewart 2000 Toyota Tacoma NOV 648 15
21 Dennis Gorman / Tom Gorman 1989 BMW 325i NOV 1113 18
24 Dave Karraker / Dave Burroughs 1997 Ford T-Bird NOV 1804 20

Detailed scores (HTML)
Detailed scores (PDF)

Thanks to the Workers:

  • Gretchen and Mike Jones  (Registration, Saturday lunch, MTC)
  • Mark and Mary Hillman  (Checkpoint  timing)
  • Carl and Ellen Graff (Checkpoint timing)
  • Dave Smith and Steve Dazey (Checkpoint timing)
  • Eric Horst and Steve Willey  (Checkpoint timing, scoring)
  • Ken and Sue Lingbloom (Checkpoint timing)
  • Terry Simons and Mark Simons  (Pictures, trophies and prizes)
  • Roy Ward and Shari (Sweep, Checkpoint timing)
  • Mark Nolte and Sally Devore (Checkpoint timing)
  • Richard Crosier and Sharon Euster  (Checkpoint timing)
  • Kirk Simons (Advance and outstanding oversight)

What Do I Do Now?

Did you enjoy No Alibi?  Discovering your taste for gravel roads?  Here are some other fine events you'd probably enjoy:

  • Coast to Coast Rally: A grueling two-day, 1000km, gravel adventure on beautiful Vancouver Island.  June 29/30, 2002
  • The Road Not Taken: A Rally Adventure During the New Moon of August.  A one-day, 250 mile event, running on wiggly unpaved roads of the Siuslaw National Forest of Oregon.  August 10, 2002.
  • Night On Bald Mountain: Brisk gravel TSD rally running on the unpaved forest roads of Snoqualmie Pass and beyond.  October 5, 2002.

Pacific Coast Challenge International Rally Series:  No Alibi 2002 is not part of the Pacific Coast Challenge Series for 2002.  It will return to the PCC calendar in 2003, alternating years with Night on Bald Mountain.  Information on the series is available at the Pacific Coast Challenge Website.


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