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Updated 6/8/2006

No Alibi Rally 2006


This seventh annual No Alibi rally is conducted by Rainier Auto Sports Club following a tradition established by Rainier over 40 years ago. At the core, that tradition dictates a long-distance tour, lightly traveled scenic backroads, a social gathering of friendly people and a challenge of precision driving and navigational skill.

No Alibi is a two-day, 540 mile tour of Eastern Washington incorporating timed sections and touring sections. The 2006 event begins and ends in Wenatchee, Washington and will overnight in Colville, Washington. The course will use all types of roads from highways to gravel to dusty farm roads, however No Alibi roads are selected for their character and are not of the car-breaking variety. No Alibi typically enjoys beautiful early-summer weather and presents a peek at the green and growing season. Saturday night features a social gathering including a buffet dinner and rally-centric entertainment. The buffet dinner and entertainment, as well as a Saturday lunch are included in your entry fee. Our event is intended to challenge the experienced competitor but is completely suitable for novice or lightly seasoned entrants.


Date: June 3-4, 2006

Rallymaster: Eric Horst

Thanks to our Workers:


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Final Results:

Car # Competitors Class Sat Sun Total O/A Tie by Class
1Satch Carlson & Russ KraushaarUNL1171811
20Gary Webb & R.Dale KraushaarUNL1372022
4Pat Biggar & Jack HeppesUNL23174033
14Esko Mannisto & Tom HemenwayUNL21214244
12Paul "pablo" Eklund & Kala RoundsUNL19244355
2Jason Webster & Brandon HarerUNL22224466
5Steve Richards & Gary ReidEQU3817557T1
15Michael Daily & Steve PfauUNL3421557T7
8Donald D Gibson & Michael T WorkmanEQU31316292
7Ron Sorem & Max VaysburdUNL422971108
16Vasco DePinna & Dennis GormanEQU7674150113
9Steve R. Perret & Kathryn S. HansenSOP14176217121
3Bob Chandler & Mark ClemmensUNL163104267139
22Philip Widner & Patrick WidnerSOP171123294142
13Derek Mitchell & Mathew BruckerNOV25282334151
19Hal Dittman & Susan EverettSOP133205338163
24Scott Margerum & Jeff DelongSOP236119355174
23Mark Pace & Devika PaceNOV293156449182
6Greg Woodbridge & Nicole NuberNOV325135460193
10Jeremy Stewart & Holly StewartSOP275190465205
18Phyllis Chandler & Maureen HoggSOP493440933216
21Daniel Wei & Bonnie LeungNOV9831621145224
17Chris Ohlgren & Rebecca RustonNOV56912905981235

Detailed Scores

Saturday Scores (PDF)
Sunday Scores (PDF)

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